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First IAPTI International Conference
Amparo Torregrosa 3.5%🐟🖤🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇸#FBPE @spantrans1

@auhumaran Heartfelt thanks you and all at #iapti2013 for doing what was right. Looking forward to Part 2.

06/10/2013 15:25:25 WIB
Beatriz Abril @Beatriz_Abril

Thank you for all the #iapti2013 tweets! A lot of passion and professionalism involved!

06/10/2013 15:12:37 WIB
SarahTranslate @SarahTranslate

@Geoffrey_M_B you guys r doing something that's so amazing. Hope to export to #Italy some of that spirit when I fly back today. #iapti2013

06/10/2013 15:03:55 WIB
Alexander Ward @amwtrans

@auhumaran yes I did, it was a total pleasure, very insightful and lovely talking to you personally! Can't wait for next year :) #iapti2013

06/10/2013 15:02:22 WIB
SarahTranslate @SarahTranslate

"@Geoffrey_M_B: #iapti2013 Can't see mention of superb lunch?Mushroom ravioli,braised trout w beans, lamb kebabs etc #haddessertandlovedit "

06/10/2013 15:02:05 WIB
A-M Colliander Lind @amclind

Browsing through tweets from #iapti2013 - seems like a lot of good #xl8 #i9n knowledge has been shared #ovst

06/10/2013 14:57:46 WIB
SarahTranslate @SarahTranslate

#iapti2013 #IAPTI13 thank you guys for this fantastic conference! If i have not said goodbye in person, here's my e-bye: see you next year!

06/10/2013 14:56:29 WIB
Aurora Humarán @auhumaran

@rpstranslations #iapti2013 Thank you! This fan of yours enjoyed meeting you in person, Tony!

06/10/2013 14:43:57 WIB
Aurora Humarán @auhumaran

@apfelbee #iapti2013 Apparently it was a success, Sarah! ;) Thank you!

06/10/2013 14:39:35 WIB
Aurora Humarán @auhumaran

@nrpsinterpreter #iapti2013 Miguel, former head of IAPTI's Market Watch. We need him so much.:(

06/10/2013 14:37:13 WIB
Aurora Humarán @auhumaran

@amwtrans #iapti2013 Wow... Thank you! Hope you've enjoyed our conference!

06/10/2013 14:35:40 WIB
Aurora Humarán @auhumaran

@Geoffrey_M_B #iapti2013 Thank you so very much, Geoffrey! Pity we did not have more time together

06/10/2013 14:32:34 WIB
Ilenia Goffredo @ileniagoffredo

The day after the conference: feeling inspired and with a lot of motivation! Thx for all your RTs & faves #iapti2013

06/10/2013 14:16:19 WIB
Gerardo Bensi @GerardoBensi

A big thank you to all the IAPTI people who made #iapti2013 possible. Terrific, unforgettable conference. Let's do it again next year!

06/10/2013 14:11:14 WIB
Mercedes Pacheco @MercedesPache68

#iapti2013 one of the greatest events I've ever attended. Total success! I enjoyed every second

06/10/2013 13:47:56 WIB
⚫️ Geoffrey 3.5% 🇪🇺 @Geoffrey_M_B

#iapti2013 Can't see any mention of that superb lunch? Mushroom ravioli, braised trout w beans, lamb kebabs etc #couldntmanagedessert

06/10/2013 11:09:44 WIB
⚫️ Geoffrey 3.5% 🇪🇺 @Geoffrey_M_B

#iapti2013 Big shout out for Aurora and IAPTI for an excellent London Conference.And 180 delegates! What commitment: big thanks from the UK

06/10/2013 11:05:00 WIB
Portuguese Interpreter in London @nrpsinterpreter

"We are still masters of our fate. Never give in. Never, never give in." W.Churchill #iapti2013 Just got home to hear this on TV #MOJFWA

06/10/2013 07:02:11 WIB
Nikki Graham Ⓥ 🌍 (⧖) @nikki_graham

My #iapti2013 feed on phone is not showing even half of tweets I know were posted. Will have to catch up at home.

06/10/2013 06:34:10 WIB
Portuguese Interpreter in London @nrpsinterpreter

A huge heartfelt thank you to Aurora Humaran and IAPTI for your support of UK public service interpreters -an amazing conference #iapti2013

06/10/2013 06:28:13 WIB
Portuguese Interpreter in London @nrpsinterpreter

@nikki_graham The pleasure was all mine - loved meeting so many truly remarkable people today #iapti2013

06/10/2013 06:21:15 WIB
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