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Why do you translate?
Fernando Walker @FernandoDWalker

I translate because I want to help people share their dreams & knowledge with others so as to make the world a better place to live. #whyxl8

03/10/2013 23:04:10 WIB
Elías RF @herverz

I translate because I love bridges, not walls. #whyxl8

03/10/2013 15:04:20 WIB
Margaret Schroeder @inglesmero

#whyxl8 Because it’s affirming to get paid for doing what I like best: solving language puzzles, reading, learning, researching.

03/10/2013 00:36:48 WIB
Margaret Schroeder @inglesmero

Yes! @JMBTranslations: #whyxl8 sense of satisfaction when the meaning clicks into place in a tricky sentence & all components fit together…

03/10/2013 00:35:41 WIB
María Tatay @MTatay

I translate 'cause my inquisitive personality never gets bored or satisfied, no matter how many hours I translate #whyxl8

02/10/2013 22:32:34 WIB
María Tatay @MTatay

Sabéis que @mstelmaszak está recogiendo testimonios de traductores para su presentación en @iapti? Explica por qué traduces! #whyxl8

02/10/2013 22:29:05 WIB
أحمد حكمي ✍️ A. Hakami @AbunawafHakami

We translate to disseminate and exchange knowledge among peoples, in order to help them enjoy peace and prosperity. #whyxl8

02/10/2013 17:45:09 WIB
Julia Graham Ⓥ @juliamarygraham

#whyxl8 for sense of satisfaction when the meaning clicks into place in a tricky sentence & all components fit together like a Rubik's cube

02/10/2013 16:51:42 WIB
Julia Graham Ⓥ @juliamarygraham

Here is my #whyxl8. What is yours? #whyxl8: for the sense of satisfaction I get when the meaning clicks into...

02/10/2013 16:45:30 WIB
Translatorana @Translatorana

Translatorana - about linguistics, love of words and life: Why I translate? #whyxl8

02/10/2013 15:53:06 WIB
Else Gellinek @Sprachrausch

#whyxl8 Translation is knowing 2 languages & cultures inside out and enabling them to genuinely communicate with each other.

02/10/2013 14:52:16 WIB
Suzana Turc @SuzanaTurc

#whyxl8? Because translation is my favorite problem-solving game. Keeps the brain sharp & fit!

02/10/2013 13:58:23 WIB
Marta Stelmaszak Rosa @mstelmaszak

More and more #whyxl8 contributions flowing in! I'm going to need them for this Saturday's presentation at the...

02/10/2013 13:25:38 WIB
Aleks Radovanovic @_AleksM

@mstelmaszak Thank you for sharing my latest blog post, Marta. I hope you have a great list of #whyxl8 answers.

01/10/2013 18:47:52 WIB
Louise Péron @LSPTranslation

Every day, I read & write in languages I love. Every day, I work for a new company. And I get to do this in my PJs if I please! #whyxl8 #xl8

30/09/2013 23:53:31 WIB
C Bavington Ltd translation services @cbavington

@mstelmaszak #whyxl8 ?? - skip to the chorus at 1 min for the answer if you're short of time :)

30/09/2013 23:51:22 WIB
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Carmen @eLingual.Net @elingualnet

We feel the same! “@wordyrama: #whyxl8? I translate because languages make the world go round!”

30/09/2013 23:46:44 WIB
Konstantina Drakou @wordyrama

#whyxl8? I translate because languages make the world go round!

30/09/2013 23:42:23 WIB
Klaudia Włodarczyk @missslinguist

Because I love words. And because I believe that my passion and values represented by the industry can bring difference to the world #whyxl8

30/09/2013 21:07:43 WIB
Translatorana @Translatorana

....and as one said: "Nothing brings greater happiness in life than serving a cause bigger than yourself..." #whyxl8

30/09/2013 16:54:26 WIB
Translatorana @Translatorana

To me, translating is about helping & serving. Helping others to build bridges between different cultures and serving great causes #whyxl8

30/09/2013 16:53:26 WIB
Virginia Pérez Román BA GDL MCIL CL @EnSpaTranslator

I translate because I always learn something new from the texts I translate. #whyxl8

30/09/2013 15:57:03 WIB
ANISCO @1anisco

#whyxl8 xl8 is a major enabling factor that keeps the world around us moving. It is a production factor just like labour, land and capital.

30/09/2013 15:25:27 WIB
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