The 2012 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The 2012 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an event not to be missed. Here's a glimpse at what you're missing out on.
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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is back for it's 62nd year and it promises to be better than ever. 25 nights, bands from across the globe and thousands of people attending - it's a spectacle everyone needs to see at least once.

The first weekend is already underway and people have been raving about their experience so far. If you are attending, remember to wear comfortable high heels and shoes; those pesky cobbled streets are everywhere!

Still not sure if you should go? Here's an overview of what's happened.

Apparently some people don't know the Tattoo is on or what it is?

Derek Martin @fribbletheatre
Overheard in Edinburgh: "...and I thought, Why would you queue up just to get a tattoo?"

How can you not with all of the fireworks?!

Cllr Swivel Eyed Broon @Mr_Mark_Brown
Scotland the Brave bellowing out of #Edinburgh Castle as the fireworks tell you the Tattoo has started! #loveedinburgh
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Will Robb @willrobbphotos
Another one from #Edinburgh Military Tattoo from the other night. Wouldn't mind snapping it with a few more
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The castle looks beautiful as always.

fi @fionamacmillan_
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Jonathan Wallace @j_c_wallace
Edinburgh Castle during the Tattoo last night!
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How good is the Tattoo?

Mark Gennoe @SprkyMrky
The Edinburgh Tattoo was properly ace (yes, I used ace) will have to come again in a few years.
Leanne Cunningham  @xLeanne1126x
Edinburgh Tattoo was worth every penny!...
bec melrose @bec_melrose
Wow! The Edinburgh Military Tattoo was brilliant! What a spectacle! So much fun! #Edinburgh
Derri. @rumourhasme
This Edinburgh tattoo is actually so good , the adrenaline rush you get when walking over the draw bridge WOW its intense
Dave B @DaveLump
Edinburgh tattoo was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
allan @allancarter_
went to the tattoo last night! Typical that I've lived in edinburgh for years and never went until my dads american friend bought us tickets

Seems the Aussies caused quite a stir!

Dune Ryder @RyderHiME
Edinburgh tattoo had the Aussies playing Highway to Hell and US Navy playing superhero themes. I don't know who won that battle.
Charlotte Walker @CharlotteWalkr
Fab night at Edinburgh tattoo tonight! Went with 3 Aussies, the australian forces come out and sing Kylie. Brilliant!
Rachel Williams @billiwilliams
Things I did not expect to hear at The Edinburgh Military Tattoo: Spinning Around by @kylieminogue and the Bananaman theme. Cool night tho.

Seems like The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo offers more than just music and fireworks...

jenni reah @jennireah
at the Edinburgh Tattoo being stunned by several hundred men in kilts. This is the best country.
I really need to go see the military tattoo in Edinburgh next year. All those men in kilts lol

Not everyone enjoys when the Tattoos on...

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