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#MyDadHatedBritain according to the Daily Mail logic (archive)

How did your dad hate Britain? Twitter responds to the Mail's Ralph Miliband slur
Michael Hann @MichaelAHann

Let's all shop our dads to the Mail for meaningless offences (via @thedailygrowl) #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:14:44 WIB
Michael Hann @MichaelAHann

My dad complained about banks being closed on Saturdays! #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:15:43 WIB
Andrew Mueller @andrew_mueller

Mine regularly cheers for Australia during the Ashes. #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:15:51 WIB
Michael Hann @MichaelAHann

My dad thought the England football team weren't worth watching! #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:16:41 WIB
rarity mum @thedailygrowl

my dad wouldn't shop in the local grocer's. Too expensive, he said #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:17:16 WIB
Michael Hann @MichaelAHann

My dad preferred French restaurants to English ones. #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:17:30 WIB
Michael MacLeod @MichaelMacLeod1

The #mydadhatedbritain hashtag is brilliant. It's the stuff in reaction to @MailOnline that makes it worth enduring.

01/10/2013 18:17:42 WIB
Gary Farrow @LordGaryFarrow

"@MichaelAHann: My dad thought the England football team weren't worth watching! #mydadhatedbritain" my Dad had a Hat....

01/10/2013 18:18:22 WIB
night of the linkshund dead @linkshund

He's often said he'd want to retire to France if he could still watch cricket #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:19:02 WIB
Michael Hann @MichaelAHann

My dad used to buy fruit from foreign countries! #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:19:09 WIB
Ben Stanley @BDStanley

My dad didn't voice the slightest support for the blackshirts #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:19:31 WIB
Matthew Sweet @DrMatthewSweet

My dad said my mum looked a bit like Brigitte Bardot. #mydadhatedbritain

01/10/2013 18:19:53 WIB
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