#edchatie Number 102

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. The topic was "Challenging Gifted shildren in hte mixed-ability classroom", Mon 23rd September, 2013. This topic was a special #edchatie to coincide with the Gifted Education Awareness Week (22-28 Sept. More information is available here http://giftedandtalented.ie/index.php/tag/world-gifted-education-awareness-day/
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Nat Library Ireland @NLIreland 23/09/2013 23:13:27 WIB
#edchatie It's a bit early doors for your Monday night session, but any English teachers among you - #PoetryAloud closing date is Friday!
subkiteu @subkiteu 23/09/2013 23:34:20 WIB
No #edchatie for me I will be at @INTOnews meeting re pupil teacher ratio
Teaching Council @TeachingCouncil 23/09/2013 23:42:18 WIB
Countdown to #FÉILTE is on! Follow @FEILTE for updates & to hear from the Youth Media Team who will be tweeting during the day! #edchatie
FÉILTE @FEILTE 23/09/2013 23:43:30 WIB
This is the official twitter account for @teachingcouncil’s World Teachers’ Day festival. Only 11 days to go! #FÉILTE #edchatie
FÉILTE @FEILTE 23/09/2013 23:45:22 WIB
#FÉILTE is a celebration of innovation in teaching with over 30 showcases of projects. Check http://t.co/0FfjUo5xis for more info #edchatie
FÉILTE @FEILTE 23/09/2013 23:45:45 WIB
#FÉILTE is fully booked but we’ll be live streaming some of the day’s proceedings on http://t.co/6PpFJ1eLgk #edchatie
FÉILTE @FEILTE 23/09/2013 23:46:03 WIB
The Youth Media Team will be tweeting throughout the day so check in to find out what’s happening #FÉILTE #edchatie
Ciara Reilly @PrimEdTeacher 24/09/2013 00:10:17 WIB
@fboss Won't be able to contribute tonight but hope it goes well #edchatie
fboss @fboss 24/09/2013 01:06:35 WIB
Challenging Gifted Children in the Mixed Ability Classroom is tonight's #edchatie topic. Starts in 90 mins. Join the discussion on Twitter
fboss @fboss 24/09/2013 01:09:19 WIB
Looking forward to @peter_lydon taking over tonight's special #edchatie discussion to launch the start of Gifted Ed Awareness Week. Join in
Irish Education News @IrishEducation 24/09/2013 01:31:16 WIB
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
Anne White @AinedeFaoite 24/09/2013 01:52:17 WIB
@fboss will do - have about 5 high achievers and don't feel I'm serving them what they need just yet #edchatie
ICT in Education @ICTedu 24/09/2013 02:00:38 WIB
@pamelaaobrien: Looking forward to seeing the @TeachingCouncil's @feilte through the eyes of the Youth Media Team #edchatie” >+1
Dr Laura Dooley @LaurajaneDoo 24/09/2013 02:00:44 WIB
@ColleenSmart this might interest you: In 1hour the special #edchatie topic is 'Challenging Gifted Children in the mixed-ability classroom'
LangTeachersIreland @LangTeachersIre 24/09/2013 02:11:03 WIB
Tonight's #edchatie is about 'Challenging Gifted Children in the mixed-ability classroom'. Make sure to tune in... http://t.co/ZXBttuLE26
fboss @fboss 24/09/2013 02:20:15 WIB
@AinedeFaoite NIce to meet up with you on the way home tonight + online now. Hope you get some useful info from tonight's #edchatie
fboss @fboss 24/09/2013 02:21:36 WIB
In 6 minutes #edchatie discusses 'Challenging Gifted Children in the mixed-ability classroom' Celebrate Gifted Ed Awareness Week (this week)
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon 24/09/2013 02:27:04 WIB
4 minutes #edchatie discusses 'Challenging Gifted Children in the mixed-ability classroom' Celebrate Gifted Ed Awareness Week #gtie
John Heffernan @johnmayo 24/09/2013 02:28:19 WIB
MT @eyebeams: Teacher to teacher - video training - build the 1st WebTV teacher network sharing kit&skills http://t.co/sjcABZ3YXb #edchatie
fboss @fboss 24/09/2013 02:30:27 WIB
Welcome to tonight's #edchatie which is a special for Gifted Ed Awareness Week with @peter_lydon taking the lead tonight.
Ruth @RMMul 24/09/2013 02:30:27 WIB
Ruth, parent Cork,have 2e ds so very interested! #edchatie
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon 24/09/2013 02:30:34 WIB
#edchatie Tomorrow or Wed latest, school SEN coordinators will receive info on giftedness and a poster for Gifted Ed Awareness Week-...
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