When #Christmas gifts become #priceless

What about forgetting all digital devices and stepping back in time to get something more durable, educational and personal for your kids? http://www.toysandinteriors.co.uk/SIKU-1-32-Metal-Die-Cast-John-Deere-6820-Toy-Tractor-with-Front-Loader
Melanie @checkoutchick17

Struggling to come up with Christmas present ideas

23/09/2013 17:10:54 WIB
URL visual.ly Types Of Children's Gifts | Visual.ly Whether it is for a birthday/anniversary or Christmas, children are always asking to get a specific type of gift/toy. There are so many too choose fro
Sarah Watkins @sazzychops

Am now an Avon rep. Some great Christmas gift ideas in the catalogue..if you want a peek at a catalogue just shout :)

23/09/2013 17:06:32 WIB
Heel & Toe Charity👣 @HeelToeCharity

Our staff are looking for ideas for their Christmas Night out any suggestions anyone?

23/09/2013 16:07:23 WIB
Sue @sueandjack

Morning. Design hat on today. Christmas ideas. What shall I create??? 🎄🎄🎄

23/09/2013 16:02:39 WIB
Nanni @Live_Long_Day

Need more cute in your life? Can recommend @toysandinterior! They had this, for example, and great service: http://t.co/c4eOvo16Iw

18/09/2013 16:14:53 WIB
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People have a lot to choose from, but are confused when it comes to purchase a gift.

Each year, when Christmas is at the horizon, there is a kind of general panic attack.

What should I buy?

And in most cases, it has to be expensive...as if the price had something to do with it. Is it not about the thought rather than the price tag?

Unfortunately, most individuals want big and expensive. This happens with cameras and flashguns too. But buyers don't seem to understand that a big DSLR won't take better photos than a compact, unless the user has the knowledge of taking nice images with great compositions.


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