#Furniture priority: #sofa

People like to be comfortable when at home - it is natural. One of the first purchase is usually dedicated to the living room or lounge. Sofa is the priority number 1. http://www.shop4furniture.net/brands/5/Alstons.html
that hoe london @neymango

I've taken a nap & done the dishes, now I'm comfortable in the sofa with coconut aloe vera drink & waiting for the big bang theory to start

21/09/2013 22:10:13 WIB
Kevin P Walker @KPWCORE

Really should move from this sofa but its sofa king comfortable! #poet #lololol #teehee

21/09/2013 17:26:17 WIB
Carissa Sheila @carissatheflute

This sofa is so comfortable...to sleep then there is the Grass cutter! -.-

21/09/2013 17:21:34 WIB
Chlo @chloe_marie92

Worlds most comfortable sofa, duvet, massive tv and pitch perfect, Saturday morning sorted #lovelyjubbly

21/09/2013 16:01:48 WIB
URL Shop4Furniture Blog Sofas, Recliners and Web Designers - Shop4Furniture Blog After months of blood, sweat and tears the Shop4Furniture re-design has finally arrived! Join us for a brief tour around some of our exciting new features.
F(x) @FatmahAlYousuf

Why is that I feel more comfortable sleeping on the sofa than on bed? ._.

21/09/2013 15:26:42 WIB
🤩 @crownme_Kali

ill prolly sleep on the sofa im comfortable .

21/09/2013 10:04:15 WIB
ari's bffl @maawly

my sofa is so comfortable yaya

21/09/2013 04:39:30 WIB
David @clanger99

Just found an incredibly comfortable two seater sofa in the waiting area. There is a strong possibility that I might nod off.

20/09/2013 23:13:22 WIB


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