Richard Haass chairs inter-party talks in Belfast

'The man chairing inter-party talks designed to resolve issues over parades, flags and Northern Ireland's past, has said he has a "limited but ambitious" agenda.'
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Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass
looking forward to arriving Belfast Tuesday & getting down to work with political leaders, citizen groups on parades, flags & emblems, past.
UTV @utv
Haass to begin crunch talks at Europa: American diplomat Richard Haass is to begin the task of chairing cross-...
nofrills/共訳書『アメリカ侵略全史』作品社 @nofrills
BBC News - Time the enemy for Richard Haass talks 事情に通暁した名手リチャード・ハースさんがプレイすることになる無理ゲーを解説。非常にわかりやすい(これでも)。
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle
Time the enemy for Haass talks: The clock is already ticking for multi-party talks chaired by Richard Haass
Kevin Kelly @kevinhkelly
BBC NEWS: US Diplomat Richard Haass arrives in Belfast to chair talks on parades, flags, and dealing with the past
Kevin Kelly @kevinhkelly
BBC NEWS ANALYSIS: Can Richard Haass reach a political deal before Christmas?
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle
On #breakfast: The US diplomat Richard Haass begins his all party talks in Belfast today.
Belfast Interfaces @BIP_Interfaces
Need for focus and resolution: BBC News - Time the enemy for Richard Haass talks
Channel 4 News @Channel4News
Amid Richard Haass' all-party talks in N Ireland #C4news hears from 2 sides about the challenges that remain #C4News @thejournal_ie
Parades, protests and flags on the agenda as US diplomat arrives in Belfast
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle
American diplomat Richard Haass will begin all-party talks later today in an attempt to find a lasting solution to the problems in NI.
Hugo @AodhBC
Is there a doctor in the house? Richard Haass seems to be one, all of a sudden: things must be serious.
sean maguire @Sean_A_Maguire
Good piece @bbcradio4today on task facing Richard Haass to foster cross-community ties in Belfast talks now underway
The Nolan Show, BBC @BBCNolan
[A] Parades, flags, emblems & the past - US diplomat Richard Haass arrives to chair major talks to try & resolve our most contentious issues
Elva Mcintyre @ElvaMcintyre15
You cannot be effective if those who work for you are not. So building their effectiveness ought to be a priority.~Richard Haass
Stephen Walker @StepWalkTV
My piece on the start of the Haass talks.- Time the enemy for Richard Haass
Tim Mc Garry @Tim_Mc_Garry
Good news for Richard Haass. The new series of the Blame Game starts on Friday. You can watch it on TV, iplayer or download the podcast...
Sarah McCaffrey @SarahMcCaffrey
American diplomat Richard Haass to begin crunch talks at Europa via @utv
Belfast news @Belfast_News
American diplomat Richard Haass is to begin the task of chairing cross-party negotiations today in Belfast.
HTRinfo @HTRinfo
The #NIPanel Chairs, Richard Haass & Meghan O'Sullivan, have a Facebook page:
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