#HFChat Transcript for Friday, May 27, 2011

The #HireFriday Twitter community was founded by Compassionate HR leader Margo Rose (aka @HRMargo) with the goal of assisting job seekers in their quest by retweeting their job needs. The power of Twitter, coupled with the dedication of #HireFridayRead More
Shannon Pritchett @SourcingShannon

RT @BlairAtVolt: Agreed! So important, but so commonly ignored. RT @talentdiva: If candidates not a fit, they deserve courtesy of acknowledgement. #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:30:42 WIB
Red Zone Resources @Redzonejobs

If you are a #Jobseeker or HR professional you should join #HFChat every Fri at 12PM EST. Great dialogue about job search, HR, etc. Luv it!

28/05/2011 00:28:19 WIB

Time to go paint a bathroom. Have a great weekend. #HFChat

28/05/2011 00:27:35 WIB
'tis I @KSmithGeek

@HRMargo sent you a linked in request - thank you for the great chat today on #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:27:14 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

Recognize that 'evergreen' job postings are real...companies will hire qualified ppl into these jobs anytime even if no openings #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:26:56 WIB
Jennifer Bulman @JenniferBulman

@AvidCareerist @LevyRecruits #hfchat I could make my living teaching employers how to write reqts (job ads)-but they think they know how.

28/05/2011 00:26:01 WIB
Jennifer Bulman @JenniferBulman

"@AvidCareerist: @LevyRecruits AutoResponder = BlackHole to applicant." Time to write better ads-but they love to cast a wider net! #hfchat"

28/05/2011 00:23:42 WIB
Donna @ctygrl99

RT @ed_mcfarland: The best company is the one that hires me, the respectful is the 1 that'll give me some sort of update #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:22:08 WIB
FitFabMargo @FitFabMargo

If you like #HireFriday's Chat today, will you please leave us a comment http://HireFriday.com let us know how we're doing #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:22:02 WIB

@HRMargo @tombolt @CyndyTrivella Thanks for all you are doing here. I don't promote just anything and i promote this. #HFChat

28/05/2011 00:21:50 WIB
Michele Adduci @blackibiza

RT @AvidCareerist: If you submit resume to job board, computer will likely read it. If you network in, person will read it. #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:21:42 WIB
Bradley Wilson @BradleyCW

RT @CPGpeople: In #social #media as in life - you are known by the company you keep. #HFChat

28/05/2011 00:20:20 WIB

RT @HRMargo: In the final analysis: It's all about community building! Community is EVERYTHING. #HireFriday #HFChat #hfchat // YES!

28/05/2011 00:20:13 WIB
costrike @costrike

Truth. RT @avidcareerist: If you submit resume to job board, computer will likely read it. If you network in, person will read it. #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:20:02 WIB

Inspired by #HFChat - Job Seekers: Keep Track Of Your Resume! - http://goo.gl/zW55V

28/05/2011 00:18:50 WIB
Chris Fleek @ChrisFleek

Only other option is for hiring orgs to attempt to change candidate expectations - nearly impossible. #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:17:49 WIB
tracy_keith @tracy_keith

Thanks everyone! Positive side of job search = awesome people I've met thru interviews & networking I never would have otherwise. #HFChat

28/05/2011 00:17:47 WIB
Chris Fleek @ChrisFleek

Bottom line - if candidates expect prompt feedback/info hiring orgs had better find way to meet expectation - many do. #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:16:23 WIB

I was, in fact, not in the house. Regrets & hope it was a great chat. @HRMargo @M_Ozgenli #HFChat

28/05/2011 00:16:04 WIB
Steven G. Davis MS @Recruit4u

I do :):) RT @hrmargo: Show some #love to your #recruiters too @Recruit4u ((((smiles)))) Call me anytime...hello, hello, hello :-) #hfchat

28/05/2011 00:15:55 WIB
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