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Douglas Gets Gymnastics Gold; Becomes 1st AA to Get Individual All-Around Medal

DuaneB1963 @duane19015

U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas wins gold in women's individual all-around: #Olympics” you GOLD girl!

03/08/2012 01:18:55 WIB
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Most Famous Que @QU3PID

Gabby Douglas in 2012 is what Dominique Dawse was in 96

03/08/2012 00:23:46 WIB
JGo @panama_lovin

Bloody hell i shouldnt have checked twitter today. Ruined the surprise on who won gold in gymnastics...oh well congrats to Gabby Douglas!

03/08/2012 01:19:02 WIB
Dianne M. Dobson @pryncessdi

Just heard the great news!! Congrats Gabby Douglas on winning the gold for all around Gymnastics!! You deserve it!!

03/08/2012 01:19:00 WIB
BIG JEFF @BigJeff_Est1969

Douglas claims all-around title, 2nd gold medal

03/08/2012 01:18:58 WIB
Tonya Brooks @mbatweety

All I can say at this point Gabby Douglas is an inspiration to a lot of little girls right now.

03/08/2012 01:18:57 WIB
Brett Chambers @brettmedia

USA's Gabby Douglas takes gold in women's all-around via USA TODAY

03/08/2012 01:18:57 WIB
Connie D @MzDavis5

So, Gabby Douglas won Gold in the woman's individual all around. I'm going to watch it later tonight anyways.

03/08/2012 01:18:56 WIB
Tanya K @TanTan3180

Congrats Gabby! USA's Gabby Douglas crowned Olympic champion in dramatic gymnastics all-around final - Yahoo! Sports

03/08/2012 01:18:55 WIB
C.E.O @OhChino

Gabby Douglas doing us proud

03/08/2012 01:18:52 WIB
Fata Acquoi, M.A. @fataacquoi01

Gabby Douglas is a beast!!!! She inspires me to keep chasing my dream :) #TeamUSA

03/08/2012 01:18:52 WIB
Joy Peace Soul @CaptivatingJoy

Congrats to Gabby Douglas!!!! Gold in the All Around!!!!! How awesome. A crowning achievement.

03/08/2012 01:18:51 WIB
Andrea Liu 🇭🇰🇬🇧 @awyliu

"@cnnbrk: #Olympics Result: USA's Gabby Douglas wins women's all-around gymnastics gold." The flying squirrel rules.

03/08/2012 01:18:50 WIB
Dany D @DCJ5359

Congrats to Gabby Douglas for winning the All-Around Gold Women's Gymnastics. Hopefully everyone else will stop worrying abt that hair.

03/08/2012 01:18:49 WIB
Nikicole @Nikicole4

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold In Women's Gymnastics Individual (PHOTOS) via @HuffPostSports Red, White, Blue, and GOLD!!

03/08/2012 01:18:48 WIB
Lizzie Haldane @LizzieHaldane

Amazing that Gabby Douglas is the first U.S. gymnast to not only win the team all-around Gold but also the individual one as well. #TeamUSA

03/08/2012 01:18:48 WIB
Hello World @AboutThWorldNow

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold In Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around (PHOTOS) via @HuffPostSports

03/08/2012 01:18:47 WIB
Remi Oso @remiosoo

Gabby Douglas won the Gold ! Just the second black female to win The women’s all-around ! #mynigga

03/08/2012 01:18:47 WIB
HARVEST MAGAZINE @harvestmagazine

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold In Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around (PHOTOS) via @huffingtonpost

03/08/2012 01:18:47 WIB
Megan Kearns @OpinionessWorld

Congrats to kick-ass Gabby Douglas for winning the gold in the #gymnastics all-around, the 1st African American to do so!! #Olympics #fem2

03/08/2012 01:18:46 WIB
KD @K_Brazey

You go Gabby Douglas! So proud of you for winning gold!

03/08/2012 01:18:45 WIB
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