#tourismchat @tourismchat
Welcome to the chat. Today's topic is Email Marketing. Give us an intro & the song you're singing in your head. #tourismchat
Betsy A. Decillis @decillis
@tourismchat I'm Betsy and I'm always singing "Come on Eileen" to myself. #tourismchat
debworks Deb Brown @debworks
Deb Brown, Greater Franklin County Iowa Tourism, "I like pig butts and I cannot lie" #tourismchat
Sara Broers @SocialSaraB
I'm Sara and I'm singing nothing specific- boring huh? #tourismchat
Joy Lin @ohhiJoyLin
Sorry to miss Mark Johnston on @mmgyglobal on #tourismchat today! But you shouldn't...
MMGY Global @MMGYglobal
Checking in at #TourismChat from our Kansas City office with Mark Johnston, VP of Data Strategy
Michael McCreesh @MMcCreesh
Michael McCreesh #TourismChat Director of Special Projects @TravelweekGroup - Huge fan of The Band - Small band from Canada with a few hits
Nina Simmons @NinaSunshine
@tourismchat Nina here from @VisitPhoenix "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones in my head. (Happy Birthday, Mick!) #tourismchat
Sara Broers @SocialSaraB
I should add- I reside in the fabulous state of #Iowa and love to travel here and there and everywhere! #tourismchat
Tourism Currents @TourismCurrents
Hi, this is the @SheilaS 1/3 of our team - stuck with "Gone With The Wind" theme song in my cranium. #tourismchat
Stephanie @stephstweets
@tourismchat We've got Chris Young today in Minot, ND. The sound check is playing "Gettin' You Home" #tourismchat #luckyme!
Paul Bencivengo @scullyano
Hello Paul B checking in for tourism chit chat with colleagues. #tourismchat
#tourismchat @tourismchat
And here we GO! Q1: What company do you use to send your emails? Do you want to hug them or stab them? #tourismchat
debworks Deb Brown @debworks
@tourismchat mailchimp - and we do a weekly enewsletter with the Chamber - like them most of the time #tourismchat
Catherine Heeg @catherineheeg
Hello everyone. I'm still singing songs from the Calgary Stampede. "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" oops..TMI. #tourismchat
Mike Robson @mikerobso
@tourismchat Myself, @grountree & @Jon_Gamble checking in from Raleigh blasting Jason Aldean since hes performing here tomorrow #tourismchat
Walking Papers Media @WalkingxPapers
Hi! I'm Lindsay and I'm currently obsessed with the new Fiona Apple (but listening to Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) #tourismchat
Catherine Heeg @catherineheeg
A1: I use Vertical Response and mostly I hug them. #tourismchat
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