Tweets from #Tahrir #Egypt and the Middle East (19-20 May)

Tweets in English selected from my "Egypt" list:!/nofrills/egypt A lot of things are happening at the same time. I omitted Palestine tweets to avoid making this page too bulky.
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Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 16:58:30 WIB
My mom and I should be able to go in now and c @tarekshalaby. Waiting for them to call our names. These procedures r hell on earth
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 17:00:42 WIB
They're going to take our phones now. Will update when I get out
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 17:50:02 WIB
@mosaaberizing is doing well, his spirit is high and he doesn't regret it.He sends you all his greetings and thanks for your support.
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 17:51:46 WIB
He also expresses his gratitude and happiness for all the support. @mosaaberizing
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 18:43:50 WIB
Free Mosaab: I’ve never thought a day will come where I will have to find words to describe someone as dear to...
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 22:17:47 WIB
Just hear great news about the group of 25 set on trial today, they had suspended sentences! alhamdulilah, God is great
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 22:18:48 WIB
They had 6 accusations against them. The first 2 they were found not guilty. They were sentenced a year for the others but ikaf tanfeez
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 22:19:19 WIB
They should be our tomorrow morning inshallah. Alf mabrouk!!
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 22:21:17 WIB
Actually they r likely to come out tonight! 3o2bal al ba2i inshallah!
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 22:23:25 WIB
So the 15 including Tarek are not guilty. The other 10 who were arrested on the 16th r also not guilty.
Mostafa Y. Ramadan @MostafaYRamadan 19/05/2011 22:28:39 WIB
#Sadaty 's Mom visisted him today & said he was getting better #FreeSadaty
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 22:28:52 WIB
I am really happy for @tarekshalaby, Mabrook for taking your freedom back.
Mostafa Y. Ramadan @MostafaYRamadan 19/05/2011 22:33:26 WIB
According to his mother: #Sadaty was not among who faced trials today! #FreeSadaty
Abdullah Elshamy @abdallahelshamy 19/05/2011 22:41:53 WIB
@NoorGamal he hasn't been tried yet, inshallah soon. The groups are chosen randomly
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 23:00:38 WIB
So correction, 4 of the charges brought against them, found not guilty.2 if the charges, a year w suspended sentence
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 23:02:04 WIB
But it is a complete suspension, meaning that it should not show in any of their records
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 19/05/2011 23:02:54 WIB
The two accusations they got suspended sentences for were public gatherings and vandalism of public property
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 20/05/2011 00:38:33 WIB
Just called army official at the niyaba and found out that the detainees have been released. They won't need to go to the hykestep
Nora Shalaby ن. شلبي @norashalaby 20/05/2011 00:39:40 WIB
Although this same officer had told us that the detainees had to driven back to the hykestep first bf being released, so we left.
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