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One-time January 25 hero @Ghonim has since proven a polarizing and controversial figure among Egyptians. On May 18, pent-up frustration gave birth to a new hashtag: #UnfollowedGhonimBecause. Please feel free to edit for completeness. The iconic "crying" interview that made Ghonim an instant symbol of the revolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UWmooyfVQM&feature=related
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A premonition of things to come?
Wael Ghonim @Ghonim
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation & 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently” ~ Warren Buffet
It all began with a parody account:
Ghonim With Balls @GhonimWithBalls
How about this: Unfollow @Ghonim, then fire a tweet with #UnfollowedGhonimBecause. Let your voice be heard.
SamI DaouD @SamIDaouD
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause He is killing the reveloution spirit by blaming demos 4 liberation of egypt 4 the alrdy ROBBED & CORRUPT economy
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause he's really a stupid impotent kid, I just don't like to read his tweets on my profile .. it gets on my nerves
. @AliHgrs
@GhonimWithBalls #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he betrayed the revolution and us ue 3amel zay DALDUL EL ASKAR !
Mani @MilagroMani
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause he's not that 'thawra' savvy. He seems to be naive. It's time he steps aside cause he's doing more harm than good.
Mani @MilagroMani
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause he's a 'confused puppy'. والثورات بحاجه الي أسود وليس لناس مش عارفه وين الله حاططها
Austin G Mackell @austingmackell
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause he isn't against the Neo-liberal agenda that has pushed the people of #egypt and elsewhere into grinding poverty.
Leil-Zahra Mortada @LeilZahra
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he forgot that for 60 yrs NGOs blabbed & only when we went on strike & took to streets, something changed!
Leil-Zahra Mortada @LeilZahra
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he met with the world bank, then had the guts to tell us, he went to scold them! لا يا شيخ #egypt
salma said @salmasaid
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he is failing to do his expected responsibilities given the role he chose.
Ben Franklin @benbfranklin
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause he prepared to sell his fucking book before the revolution was over. @ghonim
reavis @RDMsez
This accentuates the notion that "The only true revolution is constant revolution." #Egypt revos purge their ranks? #UnfollowedGhonimBecause
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he lost the guts he had pre #Jan25. I am beginning to doubt he had any to begin with
(((annfinster))) @annfinster
Nonsense! Volunteer. “@salmasaid: I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he is failing to do his expected responsibilities given the role he chose.”
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause while people are getting arrested, tried and sentenced at military court, he's tweeting about tourism!
Hanin Abu-Shamat @HaninSh
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause? Well never followed him but what's happening? Thought many people ''loved'' him... #Egypt
Leil-Zahra Mortada @LeilZahra
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he cried for some martyrs and kept his mouth shut as youth like Ahmed Maher got killed on April 9! #egypt
I #UnfollowedGhonimBecause he makes me sick, really. He's like a bellydancer in a funeral.
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause I think whats really causing us more harm than good is categorizing & fighting with each other post Revolution
Aly Elziba2 @elziba2
#StillFollowingGhonimto to read the crap he writes and tweets away to thousands of minds. #UnfollowedGhonimBecause
#UnfollowedGhonimBecause splitting over whos leftist, liberal, islamist & whos not!Rev succeeded bec we 4got the 'me' &focused on gr8er good
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