Twitter Beef in Blackademia Creates Broader Dialogue on Barack Obama & The Black Left

Jamil Smith @JamilSmith

Stevie Wonder's 61st birthday today is a good enough reason to re-post @EspeSpalding's rendition of one of his best:

14/05/2011 00:12:22 WIB
Jamil Smith @JamilSmith

As she met a local councilman today, my grandma calmly told him she wanted to punch him in the face. I come from a line of phenomenal women.

14/05/2011 02:29:50 WIB
Jamil Smith @JamilSmith

WV Gubernatorial Candidate Dude, not sure how else I was supposed to take you calling President Obama a "Sambo," but OK:

14/05/2011 02:33:20 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

For tickets to the Black Male Identity Summit in North Carolina tomorrow, visit #blessings

14/05/2011 04:06:43 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

Our police must not engage in the arbitrary use of power in the name of the law. #Newark #NJ

14/05/2011 06:45:34 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

That's the worst thing that can ever happen in a democratic experiment. #SmileyAndWest

14/05/2011 06:46:11 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

Illinois is the 1st state in the nation to withdraw from the controversial Secure Communities program. #SmileyAndWest

14/05/2011 23:00:19 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

Introducing the Cornel West Academy of Excellence!!!

14/05/2011 23:30:12 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

#LA, join me at 1PM tomorrow at the Verizon Wireless Store in Torrance for another #FAILUP Book Tour Stop. Details here:

15/05/2011 04:15:03 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

The more you achieve the more difficult it can be to remain humble. Always remember, before honor comes humility.

15/05/2011 23:00:38 WIB
Eddie S. Glaude Jr. @esglaude

Another attempt at self-medication. Chris Hedges: The World As It Is | Common Dreams via @AddThis

15/05/2011 23:49:58 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

If you are in the Los Angeles (South Bay area), meet me at the Torrance Verizon Wireless Store at 21841 Hawthorne Blvd. 1PM... #FAILUP

16/05/2011 00:00:23 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

This is what brother #MLK means by “warped priorities" - Florida passes a "Droopy Drawers Law."

16/05/2011 00:00:24 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

Gangsters on #WallStreet walk free with their 3-pieces on, but they gotta zero on brother Jamal with his pants down. #FL

16/05/2011 00:05:04 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

More on the "Droopy Drawers Law." in Florida on #SmileyAndWest here:

16/05/2011 01:54:50 WIB
Jamil Smith @JamilSmith

I used to find it fun to decode all of the Republican dog-whistles about @BarackObama's Blackness. It's just boring now:

16/05/2011 06:13:46 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

Trust that inner voice, and let no thoughts of your limitations or so-called missed opportunities deter you. #FAILUP

16/05/2011 21:25:22 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

On #SmileyAndWest, we were taken to task about our comments on the death of #Osama #binLaden. Listen in:

16/05/2011 23:40:23 WIB
Cornel West @CornelWest

A rule of law is in place to preserve justice & to ensure we know the difference between #justice and #revenge.

16/05/2011 23:50:13 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

May 19th - I am in #Chicago for an evening hosted by @WYCC. Join us at Kennedy King College at 7PM. Tickets & more info:

17/05/2011 00:25:08 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley Here's a photo from yesterday's #FAILUP stop at the Verizon Store in Torrance, CA shaking hands w/ a future leader

17/05/2011 02:01:25 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

A # of listeners take @CornelWest & me to task for our comments about the killing of #Osama #binLaden. Listen in:

17/05/2011 02:10:23 WIB
Tavis Smiley @tavissmiley

It seems as if convenience makes people want answers that are disconnected from historical context. #SmileyAndWest

17/05/2011 02:15:44 WIB
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