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The First Iniciador Tokyo #iniciador_tok

Tweets around Iniciador Tokyko last night. Please feel free to edit.
Iniciador Tokyo @iniciador_TOK

Closing the registration form in one hour! We are at full capacity, so be sure to be on time to take your place! #iniciador_tok

16/12/2010 10:04:40 WIB
Iniciador Tokyo @iniciador_TOK

If you have any question for our speakers please, make it here #iniciador_tok

16/12/2010 17:19:49 WIB
Dean Fujii @Doc_MacPro

#iniciador_tok #pokenjapan Heather speaking on cultural and gender issues in Japan - lots of great learning experiences!

16/12/2010 17:18:28 WIB
Luis A. Gomez @lgomezma

For Heather,what were the difficulties that you encountered as a foreigner while establishing your company in Japan? #iniciador_tok

16/12/2010 17:22:03 WIB
SMDTokyo @SMDTokyo

#iniciador_tok #pokenjapan Challenges of being over-spec due to high Jpnz demand (beyond actual need) @Akky at Tokyo Hacker Space

16/12/2010 17:24:24 WIB
Dean Fujii @Doc_MacPro

#iniciador_tok #pokenjapan @depepi Speaking on the need for social knowledge in taking a concept to startup

16/12/2010 17:30:34 WIB
Luis A. Gomez @lgomezma

How do you guys see the startup world in Japan? is it a growing phenomena there or is Japan just a big consumer's market? #iniciador_tok

16/12/2010 17:32:35 WIB
Dean Fujii @Doc_MacPro

#iniciador_tok #pokenjapan Internet as a low-cost startup strategy @depepi at #tokyohackerspace at Iniciador Tokyo!

16/12/2010 17:33:46 WIB
Javi Esteban 😷 @javimonsalupe

"when it´s a mess it´s a good time¨ ;) by @depepi #iniciador_tok talking about Japan´s opportunities

16/12/2010 18:14:01 WIB
Mark Ellul @mark_ellul

#iniciador_tok Wondering how huge a barrier is to start up a business there as foreigner?

16/12/2010 18:16:42 WIB
Javi Esteban 😷 @javimonsalupe

great that one guy in the audience talking about how to fail and succeed in Japan & Silicon Valley and all around the world #iniciador_tok

16/12/2010 18:22:48 WIB
theNetImp @theNetImp

had a great time at #iniciador_tok great chatting with everyone!

16/12/2010 22:41:36 WIB
Lo Happymountain @LoHappymountain

Nicee chit chat at the #iniciador_tok ...see u all soon! here enjoying the poken i won! ..thanks @Poken !

17/12/2010 01:20:41 WIB
Heather Russell 👑 @heatherarussell

@iniciador_TOK thanks for a great time & wonderful chance to be a part of this event! ;)

16/12/2010 23:36:14 WIB


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