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Shopping for a Conversation on Race

Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

The notion that progressives/liberals can't be racist is just as ridiculous as the notion that all republicans/conservatives are.

16/05/2011 21:19:11 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

A conversation about race that must take place here can't be on terms that make white people comfortable. It happens as it happens.

16/05/2011 21:20:23 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

The problem comes when someone tries to tell me what is racist or isn't. Or tell me what conversation I can or cannot have about race.

16/05/2011 21:22:05 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

That is the impetus of rage you see. No one has walked a mile in my shoes or experienced my life, to say what racism/bigotry I see everyday

16/05/2011 21:22:49 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

Until we can acknowledge our individual and collective experiences we aren't going to get anywhere. If you haven't experienced DWB, or +

16/05/2011 21:23:52 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

been followed in a department store or other obvious and not-so-obvious forms of racism, you can't speak about my experiences.

16/05/2011 21:24:50 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

But acting like progressives, white or otherwise, know my experiences and are automatically "on my side:" is offensive and ridiculous.

16/05/2011 21:26:29 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

And no, that doesn't apply to all, just the ones who profess to speak for me as a liberal. Or a woman. Or a POC. You don't speak for me.

16/05/2011 21:28:54 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

You can't tell me what I can be angry about. You can't tell me what's allowed in my conversation. You don't hear the dog whistles I hear.

16/05/2011 21:30:39 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

That's the gist of the problem. Someone trying to tell another person how and what and when they should feel. Stop it. Just stop.

16/05/2011 21:31:25 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

This isn't about turning on other progressives. It's about acknowledging how inherent the issue of race & privilege is in this country.

16/05/2011 21:33:57 WIB
Mona 👸🏽 @Shopaholic_918

And I'm not going to ::drop mic:: on this one. Decided I can't put the mic down until we all start talking. Talking for real.

16/05/2011 21:40:12 WIB


brownstocking👩🏾‍stay her azz inside @brownstocking 17/05/2011 11:38:02 WIB
I see what you're going for, but it seems folks realize they may not be ready for this convo. Looking at yesterday's TL, even your mainstream "pundits" don't seem ready for it. Good luck, though, and I'll favorite to check back.