Banksy Reveals Olympic Art

The reaction to Banksy's Olympic art:

Banksy has created two more images for the 2012 Olympics... don't know if Lord Coe would approve:

URL Banksy Interrupts the Olympics - COLORLINES On Monday, the street artist Banksy added to two new pieces to the walls of London. Just days before the opening ceremony at the Olympics.
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What do you think of Banksy's new Olympic-themed art?

24/07/2012 23:01:56 WIB
URL The Huffington Post London 2012: Banksy's Graffiti Unveiled Banksy unveiled Olympic-related graffiti artworks on his personal site on Monday to mark London 2012. One image shows an athlete throwing a missile-shaped javelin, while another shows a pole vaulter leaping over a fence on to a dirty mattress.

Street artist #Banksy strikes again with two new Olympic-inspired murals in London:

24/07/2012 23:01:49 WIB
URL Banksy: 2012 London Olympic Murals Banksy: 2012 London Olympic Murals - In light of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer, street artist Banksy has produced not one but two new athletic-inspired (and no doubt...
URL BuzzFeed Banksy Reveals Two Olympics-Inspired Pieces It's almost like the famed street artist doesn't get emotional and nostalgic at the thought of the Olympics.

There is a change that London aims to take the art down... is this true?

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These are stunning: Will London Really Erase Banksy's New Olympics Art? - Global - The Atlantic Wire

24/07/2012 23:01:51 WIB
Chloe Selina Misson @CselinaM

RT @susanpenhaligon: Twitter campaign: DO NOT ERASE BANKSY'S ART FOR THE OLYMPICS Please RT

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