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For all those affected in the recent technical mayhem, Ulster Bank is ready to listen - help and support. http://www.ulsterbank.ie/roi/personal/service-update/customer-update.ashx

Ulster Bank compensation claims continue http://t.co/YyGNgnri via @utv

24/07/2012 20:20:23 WIB
Fred Emmott @fredemmott

NatWest and Ulster Bank finally allow international transfers from online banking, and cheaper/faster than transferwise <3

24/07/2012 20:06:05 WIB
Lisa McNally @LilimcSkyNews

My brother still has not had his Ulster Bank acc credited with a salary transaction made last month. Anyone else still out of pocket ?

24/07/2012 17:50:25 WIB
Encompass News @EncompassNews

Claims advice for Ulster Bank and RBS group customers + more Northern Ireland News http://t.co/tz6XAsoG #Advice #Bank #Claims

24/07/2012 14:09:36 WIB
Ulster Bank Help @UlsterBank_Help

@jackyr77 Hi,Please see our website for updates regarding compensation http://t.co/7fSTFfvo (NI)/ http://t.co/I9DUgl6z (RoI)VB

24/07/2012 19:49:17 WIB
Ulster Bank Help @UlsterBank_Help

@bbunyanngwiri Hi, this service was removed due to our recent incident. Once all is resolve the service will be reactivated. Thanks MF

24/07/2012 17:56:22 WIB
Ulster Bank Help @UlsterBank_Help

@cormacfeenan1 Hi, an investigation will be done regarding the charges & a member of the Customer Care Team will contact the account holder

24/07/2012 00:29:45 WIB
Ulster Bank Help @UlsterBank_Help

@garywalsh Hi Gary, sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. Please fill in the form http://t.co/oPpGpcdc and we can investigate

23/07/2012 21:32:32 WIB

The last few weeks haven't been the best of 2012.

We aren't talking about the drought or the floodings and the important precipitation.

Account holders at Ulster Bank have suffered is silence.

See a previous article to remind you where it all started.

Stress, anxiety, living nightmares.In a world where everything is constantly moving Ulster Bank was standing still. No transactions were possible...from anywhere to anyone. Real chaos.

According to the Financial Ombudsman, people who suffered stress or inconvenience could also make a claim.

Jim Brown - Chief Executive at Ulster Bank - has issued a letter to all customers in order to apologise and help.

People unable to pay their mortgage or receive their salary struggled heavily and could have had major issues all this due to a technical fault in the IT systems!

Hard to believe - but who says digital world says technology and consequently unexpected technical challenge.


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