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#Israel army fired on #Nakba Day protests #Palestine #pror

15 May 2011 Last updated at 13:54 GMT Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian protesters Nakba protests and Middle East unrest - live updates Read More

The day before, in Egypt...

Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Heading to #Tahrir for national unity and Palestine solidarity march. Will send updates.

13/05/2011 15:57:33 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Poster in #Tahrir for Third Intifada reads, Palestine: We Are Returning

13/05/2011 17:15:35 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Dozens gathered at #Tahrir to join convoy to Rafah. Group is smaller than expected. Word is bridge and tunnel to Sinai closed.

14/05/2011 14:55:25 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Organizer says army put pressure on bus company and they cancelled buses to Rafah. People discussing alternatives on how to get there.

14/05/2011 14:58:37 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

People rallying as they prepare to leave to try and reach #Rafah

14/05/2011 16:06:21 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

People waiting for transport to try and get to Rafah. Some expect buses to arrive at 12

14/05/2011 16:25:35 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Unclear if any buses are coming. Some now want to march to Israeli embassy and rally there

14/05/2011 16:53:32 WIB
Sharif Kouddous @sharifkouddous

Buses on their way to Rafah stopping for a few minutes in front of Abdeen Palace #gaza #may15

14/05/2011 22:47:30 WIB
Adel Abdel Ghafar @AdelAGhafar

Sorry #SCAF but I just made it to #Rafah. It's our country and I think it's SHAMEFUL that some people are not being allowed here

15/05/2011 04:17:46 WIB
Adel Abdel Ghafar @AdelAGhafar

Does the #SCAF think ppl r coming 2 #Rafah for KFC and 50 euros or what ? #FAIL

15/05/2011 04:26:45 WIB
Adel Abdel Ghafar @AdelAGhafar

Arrived at friends place in #Rafah, as usual incredible Beduin hospitality but not the same without comrade @Tarekshalaby eating with us

15/05/2011 04:38:56 WIB
Adel Abdel Ghafar @AdelAGhafar

network is much worse than last time, friend recons the military weakened the signal 2 make it difficult for ppl 2 communicate for #may15

15/05/2011 05:26:00 WIB
Adel Abdel Ghafar @AdelAGhafar

All the ppl I was supposed 2 meet here wer not let into #Rafah,so iwill show up at the border crossing tomorrow and c how I go #may15

15/05/2011 05:42:17 WIB
Soraya @SoulFya

Israel deploys 10,000 members of security forces around the country #Nakba v @benabyad

15/05/2011 13:19:54 WIB
Nader @imNadZ For the first time in 63 years, Palestinian flags fly in Tel Aviv. #palestine #nakba #may15

15/05/2011 13:34:46 WIB

15 May: Nakba Day...

Joseph Dana @ibnezra

In qalandia. Lots of people gearing up in the streets

15/05/2011 14:13:12 WIB
Nader @imNadZ

plz RT.. today for Palestine use the following tags... #Nakba #Palestine and #May15 Let's get them trending... thank you

15/05/2011 14:34:52 WIB
Joseph Dana @ibnezra

Foreign press and israeli press are gathering now in qalandia #nakba

15/05/2011 14:35:14 WIB
Soraya @SoulFya

I am #Israel. I declare myself to be the ONLY democracy in the Middle East even though my best friends are dictators. #Mubarak #Nakba #May15

15/05/2011 14:43:30 WIB
Nader @imNadZ

#BREAKING: Buses loaded with people from #Khanyounis towards #Rafah preparing for demons

15/05/2011 14:47:44 WIB
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