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Sustaining local journalism

A round up of today's tweets from #citylocal
London SE1 Community Website @se1

#citylocal more thought provoking than I expected. Apologies to those who endured my incoherent waffle. Now off to a council meeting...

13/05/2011 22:30:25 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

That is it from the #citylocal Sustaining Local Journalism conference. One more blog post to follow, I'll post a link on @joelmgunter.

13/05/2011 22:21:32 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

Hadfield: The best local journalists are embedded in a network at the centre of a city, six degrees from up to 250,000 people. #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:58:30 WIB

Journalists shouldn't be worried about the future. Media moguls should be worried about it - @greghadfield #CityLocal

13/05/2011 21:57:42 WIB
Addiply @Addiply

Thanking @se1 There is *indeed* plenty more that can be done and, ideally, will be done going forward...And is no *one* answer #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:50:24 WIB
Michelle Berkley EMELBY PARIS LIFESTYLE BLOG מישל @social_projects

RT @philipjohn: #citylocal "Large organisations are not well-placed to do #hyperlocal ... They don't understand many, small revenue streams" says Hatts

13/05/2011 21:46:33 WIB
Gordon Hector @gordoh

Hatts from @se1 - #hyperlocal isn't new. Parish mags been around for ages. #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:44:56 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

Hatts: SE1 attracts more than 500,000 page views a month, 7,250 email newsletter subs, and almost 10,000 Twitter followers. #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:37:06 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

@foodiesarah: They were getting around 50,000 unique users a month, which was the target, but after a year the experiment is over #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:32:04 WIB
Gordon Hector @gordoh

@foodiesarah says @gdnlocal beatbloggers had to be good at offline organising, on top of social media skills #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:30:22 WIB
Joni Ayn Alexander @joniayn

hyperlocal is as much a "style" of obsessive blogging on an issue as it is about a geographical area, says @foodiesarah at #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:23:39 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

@foodiesarah: There isn't a shortage of independent news sites in the UK but there are a shortage of sites making money from it. #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:20:16 WIB
Joni Ayn Alexander @joniayn

the one and only @foodiesarah takes the stage at #citylocal talking hyperlocal in the uk

13/05/2011 21:16:39 WIB
bart brouwers @brewbart

What an honor, @jeffjarvis gets a hyperskyped round of applause #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:12:49 WIB
Addiply @Addiply

V interesting to listen to @JeffJarvis #CityLocal Sing from the same hymn-sheet as we build a 'community sales' tool; P2P news *and* sales..

13/05/2011 21:13:05 WIB
Jeff Jarvis @jeffjarvis

RT @brewbart: Great, in a skype-interview between London & NY, @jeffjarvis mentions our entrepreneurial journalism school plans for the NL #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:12:34 WIB
Amie Tsang @amietsang

@JeffJarvis No business model was ever built on the idea that a journalist 'should' be paid Business models built on value. #citylocal

13/05/2011 21:06:11 WIB
François Nel @francoisnel

@brewbart #citylocal three roles at the heart of new media biz: journalist, sales + community manager <good, but enough?

13/05/2011 19:29:26 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

... mutualise, act entrepreneurial, and break down the castle that characterised journalism in the old days. #citylocal

13/05/2011 19:23:42 WIB

Collaborate, don't invent. Cooperate with competitors @brewbart #CityLocal

13/05/2011 19:22:07 WIB
journalism_live @journalism_live

Bijnens: HVBL is launching 50 community websites, 14 are already online. #citylocal

13/05/2011 18:43:39 WIB
Phil @philipjohn

#citylocal We're getting a lovely demo of a traditional local newspaper. Finally looks like we might be hearing about #hyperlocal

13/05/2011 18:40:30 WIB
Sarah Hartley @foodiesarah

Hmmm at this future of local news presentation looking at print supplements of bonny #

13/05/2011 18:40:00 WIB
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