#cis2012 Cloud Identity Summit 2012

Matt Topper @topperge

After my brother @MBTopper s wonderful wedding yesterday its off to #cis2012 today. Going to be a crazy week.

15/07/2012 21:11:49 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

http://t.co/qVYdlLCm Bringing this to #cis2012 to help me answer any questions in my sessions. #SignsPointToYes

15/07/2012 21:14:16 WIB
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Matt Topper @topperge

My Chicago flight to #CIS2012 was canceled and rebooked for tomorrow. Now driving to Detroit so I don't miss a minute of the conference.

16/07/2012 00:40:06 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

For those attending #cis2012, those with @rlbob Hawaiian shirts should bring 'em. Those without should buy drinks for first set. #rlbob

16/07/2012 03:47:29 WIB
Brian Campbell @__b_c

top of Grouse mountain last week at @pingidentity Vancouver http://t.co/sfj4P5YJ & about to kick off #CIS2012 tomorrow in Vail #notTooShabby

16/07/2012 05:38:27 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

Imprmptu game of Ultimate with 5 teenagers may well lead to impromptu pre #CIS2012 trip to emergency

16/07/2012 05:44:41 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

Tough decisions when packing for #CIS2012 - whether to bring oxygen mask or retro CIS t-shirts

16/07/2012 06:16:28 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

#CIS2012 checklist 1) Frisbee [x] 2) Tylenol [x] 3) Hawaiian shirts [x] 4) patience for dealing with certain Ping colleagues [x]

16/07/2012 07:06:20 WIB
mjpolo1 @mjpolo1

#CIS2012 looking forward to an engaging week. Vail in July can't be beat.

16/07/2012 10:49:41 WIB
JohnFontana @JohnFontana

@topperge Matt, best of luck with your travel. We'll save you a seat. #cis2012

16/07/2012 10:55:42 WIB
mike_morgan @mike_morgan

Can't wait to get to #cis2012 tomorrow - my first of what is going to be many!

16/07/2012 11:38:02 WIB
Grant Le Brun @grantlebrun

Just set off for #CIS2012, just another 18 hours and I should reach Vail!

16/07/2012 17:36:53 WIB
John Chapman @chapman_john

Heading to Heathrow on way to #cis2012. Just heard will be busiest day ever at Heathrow. Joy.

16/07/2012 18:03:22 WIB
Paul 'opinions are my own' Madsen @paulmadsen

You know what's fun? Running thru an airport on a tight connection with a torn Achilles tendon is what's fun. #CIS2012

16/07/2012 19:00:27 WIB
Sally Hudson @sjhudson11

Flight out of Logan delayed 2 hours. Should still catch connection in Denver (hopefully) then onto Vail for Cloud Identity Summit #CIS2012

16/07/2012 19:29:54 WIB
Brian Campbell @__b_c

honorable and wise @JohnFontana tells us the hashtag for the Cloud Identity Summit is #cis2012 - so it was written, so it shall be done

16/07/2012 19:41:05 WIB
Simon Canning @scanning

Reached Vail last night. Attending OIDF (OpenID Connect) workshops today. #cis2012

16/07/2012 19:43:39 WIB
Axel Nennker @AxelNennker

adding a #cis2012 column to TweetDeck. Wish I could be there.

16/07/2012 19:58:13 WIB
Tony Bailey @TonyBaileyPing

Big cloud identity summit conference starts today #cis2012

16/07/2012 20:27:35 WIB
Stephen Ufford @StephenUfford

Trulioo announces at #cis2012: Andrew Nash former Dir. of Identity at Google @winemaker joins Trulioo as CTO. Welcome aboard Andrew!

16/07/2012 20:43:50 WIB
Nishant Kaushik @NishantK

New Blog Post: Exploring The Edge Of Identity At The Cloud Identity Summit – http://t.co/i4lYTK1X #IAM #CIS2012

16/07/2012 20:53:50 WIB
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