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#Japan and #Fukushima News from 5/11

English-language news articles on the latest developments following the 3/11 earthquake in Japan. I am making these compilations regularly for the benefit of non-Japanese seeking accurate updates on the situation. Please feel free to add additional links. Here is news from yesterday: http://chirpstory.com/li/1386 Read More
The New York Times @nytimes

Otsuchi Journal: Town Torn by Tsunami Sees Reopened School as a Therapeutic Step http://nyti.ms/jK8bJZ

11/05/2011 07:36:25 WIB
Reuters India World @RtrsIN_World

Japan nuclear operator suspects new radioactive leak into sea http://reut.rs/jVLt7k

11/05/2011 17:37:03 WIB
Reuters India World @RtrsIN_World

Japan says nuclear policy must be reviewed from scratch http://reut.rs/m1B6QM

10/05/2011 22:29:49 WIB
Reuters India World @RtrsIN_World

Japan nuclear evacuees face stark reality, unsure future http://reut.rs/mskc2B

10/05/2011 19:53:39 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Nearly all vegetables produced in Fukushima outside immediate exclusion zone tested and now deemed safe. #jishin_e #japantsunami

11/05/2011 18:39:07 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Gov't lifts ban on "spherical leafy vegs" (cabbage/lettuce) & broccoli in N. & S. Fukushima outside exclusion zone. #jishin_e #japantsunami

11/05/2011 18:37:46 WIB
Bloomberg LP @Bloomberg

Fukushima Students Wear Masks as Radiation Looms http://bloom.bg/jcOqdd $GE

11/05/2011 08:30:04 WIB
Bloomberg LP @Bloomberg

Quake to Spur Biggest Japan Home Boom in 15 Years, Sekisui Says http://bloom.bg/j6jZds

10/05/2011 15:30:03 WIB
Breaking News @BreakingNews

Tepco expected to report a net loss of more than $12 billion for fiscal year 2010 - Reuters http://reut.rs/izxKeJ

11/05/2011 01:46:20 WIB
Breaking News @BreakingNews

Japan's prime minister says plan to increase share of power from nuclear energy to 50 percent is to be scrapped - AP

10/05/2011 16:47:53 WIB
Yuri Kageyama @yurikageyama

AP: Toyota quarterly profit slides on quake disruption. http://apne.ws/iIAsw7

11/05/2011 19:10:41 WIB
Yuri Kageyama @yurikageyama

In the Yomiuri today: a list of those who died from the March 11 quake/tsunami in Japan, a long list of names: http://t.co/Sg0Jnpm

11/05/2011 12:18:53 WIB
The Washington Post @washingtonpost

Evacuees allowed first official visits to homes inside Japan’s nuclear no-go zone http://wapo.st/jDS37M

11/05/2011 12:06:32 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

A leak near a water intake at the Fukushima N-plant revealed today contains 430,000 times the legal limit of radioactive cesium, TEPCO said.

11/05/2011 17:27:15 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

Primary school teachers in disaster-hit areas are making extraordinary efforts on behalf of their students. http://bit.ly/klr1jb

11/05/2011 17:26:52 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

PM Kan says he will forgo his salary and bonuses until the nuclear crisis is over, saying the govt bears responsibility for the accident.

11/05/2011 16:59:45 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

A ryotei restaurant in Ibaraki Pref that opened in 1751 has closed after damage from the March 11 earthquake hurt its already poor business.

11/05/2011 15:14:53 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

An aide to PM Kan says radioactive water is leaking from near the intake to the #3 reactor at the Fukushima N-plant, possibly into the sea.

11/05/2011 15:10:56 WIB
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