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Translate in Quebec City

Conference for premium market translators, 29 and 30 August 2013.
Anglocom @anglais

@corinnemckay Let's use #TIQC (Translate in Quebec City) as the hashtag, because #OTAQ seems to be used for something else.

29/08/2013 01:29:39 WIB
Karen Tkaczyk - Chemistry Translator @ChemXlator

Following #TIQC over the next couple of days should be worthwhile for Fr<>En translators.

29/08/2013 01:31:40 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

I'll be tweeting from Translate in Quebec City through Friday afternoon. Hashtag: #TIQC

29/08/2013 03:52:41 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Stephen King's "On Writing" + Air Canada's 80's radio station = nice trip to Toronto. Now on to our final destination: #TIQC

29/08/2013 03:53:17 WIB
Jeanette Anderson @ERtranslations

First official day of #TIQC tomorrow! If you want the details of what's going on at the conference Translate in Quebec City, follow us here!

29/08/2013 09:09:31 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@anglais picked a lovely venue for #TIQC; right on Plains of Abraham! Sessions this morning from @ChrisDurbanFR, Ros Schwartz.

29/08/2013 18:44:32 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

At "translation slam" between @ChrisDurbanFR and Ros Schwartz: 2 xlations of same text on screen- fascinating! #TIQC

29/08/2013 19:48:29 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - many companies using CSR initiatives to attract young biz school graduates; having those materials xlated. #TIQC

29/08/2013 19:51:01 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Ros Schwartz: clients sometimes forget that they know their industry inside out, others don't. Xlator can point this out. #TIQC

29/08/2013 19:55:50 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - very difficult to produce a premium xlation without direct contact with the client. #TIQC

29/08/2013 19:58:51 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - when torn between a noun and a verb, in English, generally choose the verb-more powerful. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:00:55 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - don't ignore the *sound* of your words; she eliminated 'businesses' from a text b/c of clunky sound. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:01:52 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

David Jemielity comments: "foregrounding" and "backgrounding" words/concepts in a sentence. <Good way to think about it> #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:03:59 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - many French clients resist using the first person "on veut rester un peu plus neutre." #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:05:44 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - xlator's job to point out "C'est inhabituel en anglais" to use 3rd person. Help clients "fit in" to target culture. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:06:39 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@anglais - French overuses the ellipsis (...) compared to English. Eliminate when possible. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:07:46 WIB
Nick Rosenthal @nickrosenthal

@AnnedeFreyman Also following #TIQC, and looking forward to @ChrisDurbanFR becoming more active on Twitter to tell us more about the event

29/08/2013 20:14:14 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Audience question: "social" has a much broader meaning in French than English (community, business, etc). Often demands clarification. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:15:49 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - xlators *must* read in their specialization fields: keep up with newly coined terms. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:18:18 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Ros Schwartz: it doesn't matter if a term of art bugs *you*; you have to use it if the industry does. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:18:49 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@ChrisDurbanFR - hates "clutter" in xlations- quote marks, italics, etc. Get rid of them! #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:19:25 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

@anglais - some words sound wrong to a lay audience, but are correct (i.e. "fabrication" instead of "manufacturing") #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:20:32 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Ros Schwartz: Many FR writers overuse quotes. If it's not a quotation, don't put it in quotes. #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:21:25 WIB
Corinne McKay @corinnemckay

Audience comment: sometimes new terms are put in quotes to identify them as new, i.e. "social entrepreneurship." #TIQC

29/08/2013 20:22:37 WIB
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