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Julian Assange Lookin' for Love on OkCupid

The amused, and occasionally disgruntled, Twitterverse reacts to what may be Julian Assange's OkCupid dating profile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOI0h2YNJv0&feature=related
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✨💻 @dontbenebby
So now we're going to pass around links Assange's OKCupid profile? Really? Is it THAT slow of a news day?
Emma M Woolley @emmamwoolley
okay. so, how relevant is the fact that assange may or may not be on okcupid compared to being charged with sexual assault? 0%? 0%, right?
Chris O'Rourke @chrisorourke
The fact that Assange used "Harry Harrison" as his okcupid name makes me like him more. One of my favorite authors :D
Oh finally an important WikiLeaks story: a slideshow of Julian Assange's changing hairstyles http://bit.ly/ign9Gf
Lizzie Allen Klein @ElizabethJAllen
Assange's OkCupid profile found. He thinks western women are inane & valueless. OH except for swedish sex crimes, they're good for that...
Bored and think Assange is an egotistical narcissist? Want some good reading? Here you go: http://ow.ly/3oDKl
Jeff Robertson @jeff_robertson
According to okcupid, Julian Assange and I are 88% match, 77% friend, 10% enemy. That is totally as close as people I've been out with.
drew @random_tangent
According to OKCupid, I'm a 90% match with Julian Assange. I love living in the stupid, stupid future.
Nathan M Farrugia @nathanmfarrugia
Think I just found Julian Assange's dating profile ;) http://bit.ly/hSO7hu Come for the women, stay for the international intrigue.
Nicholas Musurca @musurca
Even if Julian Assange's OKCupid profile is part of the CIA plot to discredit him, it's still hilarious. http://bit.ly/h7gy2S
Deanna Lambert @dynamicdeanna
I just checked out Julian Assange's profile on okcupid, and according to their system, he rates as 'more moral'. I LOVE THE INTERNET. #fb
Simon Crerar @simoncrerar
Julian Assange in own words on OKCupid: a "passionate and often pig-headed activist intellectual... Write to me if you are brave" #wikileaks
Tyler Coates @tylercoates
I feel sorry for Julian Assange only because I'd never want anyone to post a link to my OKCupid profile.
Sean McLain @McLainSean
Enjoying the tests linked from #Assange's OKCupid page. Apparently, I'm a capitalist, I'll be dead at 82 and I'm bad at identifying virgins
Kris Mooring @krismo
Alleged Julian Assange OKCupid profile is outstanding. I'm warm inside from an unquenchable glow of condescension.
Gemma Taylor @gemmagtaylor
According to Assange's alleged OKCupid profile: "Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane."
I would really like to see Julian Assange's OkCupid inbox right now.
Laughing at all the online profiles people are finding of Julian Assange (OkCupid, CouchSurfing...).These things come back to haunt you.
Bit Glib @BigGibb
Just noticed that Assange OKCupid profile has changed to members only since I posted it - for the avoidance of any doubt, I am not a member.
If you seriously believe that OKCupid profile is really Assange's, then I've some beachfront property at Uluru to sell you real cheap!
JEF2D @Jef2D
I would say something funny about Julian Assange's leaked OKcupid profile (which is pretty funny) but I'm a bit scared of retribution
Adrian Kuhn @akuhn
According to @okcupid, Julian Assange is less capitalistic and more arrogant than me, http://bit.ly/e9Dssy —well, good to know :)
Саша "Nuke DC" Морc @AlexMorse
I'm not sure which will be more damaging to Julian Assange's image. Michael Moore's support, or his OkCupid profile.
J.R. McGrail 📎 @JRMcGrail
Julian Assange is on OKCupid? What's the use of being the INTERPOL-wanted Head of WiliLeaks if you need a Dating Site to Get Laid? #lame #fb
Anthony Hocken @AnthonyHocken
#Wikileaks Here is Assange's dating profile. I fail to see anything suggesting he's a "rapist". http://bit.ly/eXPGQo #cablegate
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