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CIO Panel at ENR FutureTech

The Tweet stream during the CIO Panel at ENR's FutureTech conference
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

Geir Ramleth, @Bechtel's CIO, takes the stage at #ENRtech to discuss IT from a CIO's perspective #bigdata #mobile etc

11/07/2012 01:52:12 WIB
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Paul Doherty, IFMA Fellow @pauldohertyaia

"Shit happens and it happens fast, so be prepared no matter how large or small you are..." John Young CIO, TY Lin #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 01:58:57 WIB
Marc Krichman @marckrichman

"Monthly reports are just not enough..." John Young from T.Y. Lin International #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 01:59:25 WIB
TruQC @TruQC

RT @ENRnews: RT @nyike: Wow. 30-50 hands raised on the question, who in the #ENRTECH audience is building a #Construction mobile app #aec

11/07/2012 02:01:20 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

Innovation happens in the field and the edge of the IT networks. #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:02:23 WIB
Paul Doherty, IFMA Fellow @pauldohertyaia

When you first name is Thor and you are the CIO of Bechtel, people pay attention #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 02:06:04 WIB
Dodge Data & Analytics @DodgeData

Thanks Paul! RT @pauldohertyaia: At almost the halfway point. #ENRTECH gets high marks for quality content... Nice job McGraw-Hill staff!

11/07/2012 02:06:21 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

Your API strategy should be equally important as your mobile strategy. In fact, you can't have mobile tech without APIs #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:09:29 WIB
Dodge Data & Analytics @DodgeData

RT @chrismatthieu: Your API strategy should be equally imprnt as your mobile strategy. In fact you can't have mobile tech w/o APIs #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:16:17 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

Good advice. Don't try to make your new apps "fit" your old technology #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:20:30 WIB
ENR FutureTech @ENR_FutureTech

Good advice. Don't try to make your new apps "fit" your old technology #ENRtech RT @chrismatthieu #tech

11/07/2012 02:23:01 WIB
et alia @et_alia_CREW

RT @enr_futuretech: Good advice. Don't try to make your new apps "fit" your old technology #ENRtech RT @chrismatthieu #tech

11/07/2012 02:28:32 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

The emerging paradigm of technology is that you do what you want to do with it #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:33:30 WIB
EarthCam @EarthCam

@Turner creates collaborative environment by having internal innovation awards, balance strategic thinking vs getting in the weeds #enrtech

11/07/2012 02:33:44 WIB
Erik Lewis @BigBadBIM

Technology developers can't read your mind. They release and YOU decide how you use the tool. #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 02:34:08 WIB
Erik Lewis @BigBadBIM

Technology moves so fast. Just reminded of how far we have come by Thor's comment on the interoperability (or lack of) of email. #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 02:36:33 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

Timing and accuracy of data is key in construction. #realtime #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:38:14 WIB
Chris Matthieu @chrismatthieu

E3: Efficiency + Effectiveness + Expansion = Adding value #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:41:03 WIB
Erik Lewis @BigBadBIM

Did the CIOs just mention Amazon Cloud services? Hmmm, given the outage.... #ImJustSayin #ENRTECH

11/07/2012 02:44:49 WIB
James Robertson @jrobertson

RT @chrismatthieu: Standardization is diametrically opposed to innovation #ENRtech

11/07/2012 02:47:14 WIB
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