July 9, 2012 #slpchat for #slpeeps new to Twitter (Australian edition)

A chat for #slpeeps new to twitter to interact and learn about socmed for SLPs. Hosted only in Australia this time.
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Welcome to #slpchat! Tonight's chat is an opportunity to welcome new #slpeeps to our community. Please say hi if you're here!

09/07/2012 16:59:00 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren, a SLP in Sydney, Australia. I'll be operating the @SLPChat handle tonight! :) #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:00:00 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@SLPChat I'm here..sort of. SP currently working with school-aged children moving to adult rehab in 2 weeks. #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:00:32 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

PS: I choose not to give my full name on twitter (I'm a bit "incognito") but it's a small profession- ppl know who I am! #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:01:00 WIB
Liz Bell @speechieLiz

hi folks! Im a new grad speechie in Sydney #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:01:31 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@speechieLO happy for anyone to have my full name..nobody knows who I am. Lol #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:02:00 WIB
Harmony (Stay Home) Turnbull @SP_Harmony

Apologies to followers for a splattering of tweets for the next hour ;-) #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:02:15 WIB
Gemma @GemmaHolleran

Hi all I work in early intervention and disability services. #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:02:53 WIB

Hi, Michele from Yeppoon Qld here. #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:03:05 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

@SP_Harmony @KelvYap and that is why my surname isn't listed- so people have to do a bit more detective work! ;) #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:05:10 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

Tonight I am joining #slpchat while my 2 year old pretends to cook, and feeds me pretend pizza. :)

09/07/2012 17:07:49 WIB
Rochelle @Rochelle_Elyse_

Hi everyone! I'm Rochelle, currently working in disability in rural NSW. :) #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:08:06 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

@KelvYap did I see a tweet about preschoolers? Is your new position a rotational one in health? #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:08:36 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@speechieLO O yes..rotational regional position. I'll eventually get adult acute...cancer too #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:09:34 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

Hi @GemmaBiles! Great that you could join us! What time is it where you are? #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:09:53 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Q1: Please introduce yourself- tell us about your role, & or your SLP related interests. #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:10:01 WIB
Kelvin Yap @KelvYap

@speechieLO my discover tab on the iPhone isn't showing everyone on #slpchat even when I search the hashtag..only ppl I follow..ideas?

09/07/2012 17:10:57 WIB
Gail Bennell @gailbennell

Hi Everyone - I'm Gail from Hobart. I work in disability in Hobart #slpchat

09/07/2012 17:11:29 WIB
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