RIP Seamus Heaney

It was so sudden. :(
Andrew Kennedy @UpperGISurg

Late August Given heavy rain & sun for a full week The blackberries would ripen Seamus Heaney - Blackberry-Picking

29/08/2013 02:45:56 WIB
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Gregory McNeill @gregoryiain

Video: Seamus Heaney was a brambling man… of course he was! Thinking about my Nana, there was a bramble...

29/08/2013 02:48:07 WIB
Clodagh @clodaghmcginley

Supposed to be learning Seamus Heaney quotes. Laughing at and RTing Sims jokes instead. Come at me leaving cert...

29/08/2013 04:04:47 WIB
QUB English Mentors @bestmentors_qub

Love Poetry? Follow @TheYellowNib, the literary journal from our very own Seamus Heaney Centre for poetry!

29/08/2013 04:32:42 WIB
Luke B. @DeusEx_Caffeina

@IAmScore71 Never read either of those. I love Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf. It's so vivid, and one side is OE, one contemporary.

29/08/2013 12:09:14 WIB
The Hottest Books @todays_books

top #edocs Seamus Heaney's "A Drink of Water": A Study Guide from Gale's "Poetry for Students" ... #college class

29/08/2013 12:11:26 WIB @writing_ie

Margaret Atwood, Seamus Heaney & Charlie Higson at 2013 Mountains to Sea

29/08/2013 14:43:05 WIB
Jaume Subirana @SubiranaJaume

Flux | SEAMUS: Noms d'agost al F l u x: Seamus Heaney.

29/08/2013 15:00:06 WIB
RediscoveringCulture @ReCultureBlog

The wonderful @MargaretAtwood is speaking at the @mountainstosea festival in Dun Laoghaire! Lucky Dubliners.

29/08/2013 15:09:00 WIB @writing_ie

To give you a flavour of the Mountains to Sea dlr events, we list 2 here – & two tickets to giveaway to each event!

29/08/2013 18:39:03 WIB
Gerard Beirne @gerardbeirne

Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney gives a poetry reading at Emory University | @scoopit

29/08/2013 19:48:38 WIB
c h l o e @ChloeJReilly

So we spent an entire year studying Seamus Heaney and he isn't even coming up this year.. Gonna kill gregan.

29/08/2013 19:53:17 WIB @writing_ie

Dun Laoghaire’s Mountains to Sea Festival is in it’s fifth year and going from strength to strength - details here!

29/08/2013 21:18:27 WIB @writing_ie

The Mountains to Sea dlr Festival’s Family/Teen programme remains the biggest & most diverse of its kind in Ireland

29/08/2013 21:37:43 WIB
CriticaLetteraria @CLetteraria

A Firenze, 2-4 ottobre, il premio Nobel Séamus Heaney parteciperà a un bel seminario sul rapporto coi classici e...

29/08/2013 23:00:09 WIB
Richard Leis @RichardLeis

I kind of love the epic poem "Beowulf" (as translated by Seamus Heaney). It describes a world so alien to the way...

29/08/2013 23:21:50 WIB
Christopher Hall @chrishall9011

Whatever had to be written would somehow get itself written - Seamus Heaney #foodforthought

30/08/2013 01:16:34 WIB
Stephanie @Steph_Draper

I hate Seamus Heaney !!!! I hate English in fricking general !!! #6thYearProblems

30/08/2013 02:45:04 WIB
nayoms° @FifteehShades

guys stop it I'm reminiscing I miss you guys already just stop guys like jesus I'm learning seamus heaney guys stop

30/08/2013 04:13:13 WIB
purple 밤 🌌🌙💜 @AzilizBzhOBrien

i'm reading 'District and Circle' of Seamus Heaney

30/08/2013 04:34:32 WIB
Lockdownjournalistin @AsphyxiaPallida

I wrote amazing 150 words today. I need about 1500. Get going, girl. (It's on Seamus Heaney. I like Heaney.)

30/08/2013 04:56:28 WIB
tspoetry @tspoetry

Reading Seamus Heaney's poems and O’Driscoll’s interviews at the same time is an intriguing journey

30/08/2013 06:00:44 WIB
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