Black Athletic Dominance - Reality or Myth

Ryan Jones aka @TheFarmerJones sparked a series of tweets from more than 20 people by posting this simple tweet. "My 6-year-old just asked me why basketball teams have so many black people. Thoughts?" Read More
Farmer Jones @thefarmerjones

My 6-year-old just asked me why basketball teams have so many black people. Thoughts?

02/05/2011 22:14:22 WIB
Nubyjas Wilborn @nwilborn19

Tell him the truth RT @thefarmerjones: My 6-year-old just asked me why basketball teams have so many black people. Thoughts?

02/05/2011 22:19:08 WIB
Carolyn Edgar @carolynedgar

@nwilborn19 @thefarmerjones because black people are awesome and so is basketball.

02/05/2011 22:19:46 WIB
love @stephencvanhorn

@thefarmerjones teams don't care about color of player they just take the best. God will explain why most black players are better athletes

02/05/2011 23:37:02 WIB
Farmer Jones @thefarmerjones

@SteveVanHorn63 Fair points. Doesn't really answer my kid's question tho...

02/05/2011 23:43:12 WIB
Kevin Love @kevinlove

@thefarmerjones the fact you say you haven't noticed makes you less of a father...atleast for today. Don't lie to your kid man. Think future

02/05/2011 23:58:24 WIB
Farmer Jones @thefarmerjones

@kevinlove You know what's funny? I honestly didn't think of you when I thought of white ballplayers. I guess b/c you have so much soul...

03/05/2011 00:00:17 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

Re 6 yr. old @thefarmerjones My note to a young BB player may give you some insight:

02/05/2011 22:31:10 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

RE 6 yr old @thefarmerjones @kaj33 "On the Shoulders of Giants" might help U explain blacks dominance in Basketball:

02/05/2011 22:34:16 WIB

@kaj33 "On The Shoulders of Giants"

Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

Round table discussion with @kaj33 & high school students - discussing "On the Shoulders of Giants:" Good Stuff!

02/05/2011 22:41:43 WIB
KEENO WHITFIELD ΩΨΦ /G\ @keenowhitfield

@ClarenceGaines2 @thefarmerjones The answer to that is on Oct 31st, 1950 Earl Lloyd was the first black to play in the nba! He's the reason!

02/05/2011 23:00:33 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

I know you love Earl Lloyd @keenowhitfield @thefarmerjones but it runs deeper than that,the historical legacy of Earl & others is a factor.

02/05/2011 23:04:45 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

Great ? asked by @thefarmerjones How do U explain to a 6 yr. old why blacks dominate NBA basketball? Great blog subject. Part cultural, deep

02/05/2011 22:45:42 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

A deep & abiding love for the sport, hard work, emphasis within the community & society. Initially, Economic barriers are low in playing BB

02/05/2011 22:51:28 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

The most physically talented black kids are funneled & exposed to basketball at an early age. Doesn't happen in baseball;football close 2nd.

02/05/2011 22:54:53 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

Some of you would be surprised at the level of participation in youth track & field by black athletes.

02/05/2011 22:56:26 WIB
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2

In California, the best youth track & field programs & meets are run by black parents. Well run & great experience:

02/05/2011 22:58:09 WIB
Jared Krouss @jaredkrouss

@ClarenceGaines2 Would you attribute the lack of African American participation in baseball to the economic aspect of sport (cost of equip)

02/05/2011 22:57:26 WIB
Jared Krouss @jaredkrouss

@ClarenceGaines2 Or is is just a total lack of cultural interest in sport?

02/05/2011 22:57:37 WIB
Jared Krouss @jaredkrouss

@ClarenceGaines2 Grew up in a very suburban white area, so I fear I may lack perspective on this topic.

02/05/2011 22:59:39 WIB
Jared Krouss @jaredkrouss

@ClarenceGaines2 Other thought I had was that inner city youths may lack facilities to play at. I now live in Balt. City

02/05/2011 23:01:32 WIB
Jared Krouss @jaredkrouss

@ClarenceGaines2 and outside of predominantly white South Baltimore, there are no fields for youths to learn game at.

02/05/2011 23:01:50 WIB
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