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The death of #OBL has brought me too many tweets at a time

I can't read this much at a time. Save for later. Includes: - Abbottabad compound photo gallery - A White House securiy briefing Read More
DavidKenner @DavidKenner

Story for next week is how OBL can live comfortably in Abottabad w/o Pakistani govt knowing. @husainhaqqani better get his game face on.

02/05/2011 10:47:37 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

Might the death of OBL, even though it will change very little, if anything, on the ground bring USA some closure? One hopes so... #fb

02/05/2011 11:21:58 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

RT @BreakingNews: 'This was a kill operation,' U.S. national security official says clarifying no desire to capture #OBL alive - Reuters #fb

02/05/2011 19:49:32 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

RT @blakehounshell: Hamas condemning killing of OBL reminds me of Yasir Arafat siding with Saddam Hussein. Epic fail. #fb

02/05/2011 19:50:55 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

Bullshit RT @BreakingNews: Pakistan official in UK tells BBC his government wasn't aware of OBL presence in Abbottabad before attack #fb

02/05/2011 20:10:00 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

RT @jodymcintyre "I just can’t find it in me to be glad one more person is dead, even if it is #OBL" - Harry Waizer, 9/11 survivor #fb

02/05/2011 20:23:02 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

RT @MJayRosenberg: Palestinian: all Osama ever did was royally screw Palestinian people. #fb #obl

02/05/2011 20:36:59 WIB
Mitchell Plitnick 🔥 @MJPlitnick

I'll say it again--bullshit! RT @thelede: Pakistan Insists It Had No Knowledge of Compound #OBL #fb

02/05/2011 20:58:16 WIB
WikiLeaks @wikileaks

Osma bin Laden killing: Information about courrier and location appeared in Gitmo Files release

02/05/2011 22:06:28 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

the useful Gitmo report on abu farraj al libi is here: search on courier ...

02/05/2011 22:16:16 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

unlikely but good question: RT @StephenGrey: did @wikileaks of Gitmo documents force Obama to act early?

02/05/2011 22:17:26 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

@CChristineFair BBC is reporting the locals called it the "Waziristan Mansion."

02/05/2011 23:02:07 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

this again, crucial. support for #obl dropping for years.

02/05/2011 23:02:33 WIB
DavidKenner @DavidKenner

Turkey's President hails OBL killing, says it shows terrorists are eventually caught, "dead or alive."

02/05/2011 23:08:27 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

Indians predictably banging on about Pakistani culpability. would be ironic if #obl led to heightened regiona… (cont)

02/05/2011 23:13:28 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

on this wikileaks - i may be proved wrong - but would be astonished that the same courier named as operative in 2003 still is 8 years later.

02/05/2011 23:26:55 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

great graphic of the #obl house and pics check number 13.

02/05/2011 23:28:55 WIB
Jason Burke @burke_jason

Always, always read Bruce Hoffman, (even if don't agree) Bin Laden's Death Shatters Conventional Wisdom :

02/05/2011 23:35:45 WIB
The Economist @TheEconomist

Osama bin Laden resisted the heli-borne raid attack and was killed in a firefight in only 40 minutes

03/05/2011 00:05:35 WIB
Jared Malsin @jmalsin

Bin Laden was "given a religious funeral on the deck of a US aircraft carrier before being buried in the north Arabian Sea." per AJE.

03/05/2011 00:06:45 WIB
jeremy scahill @jeremyscahill

New Post: The Black Ops Force That Took Down #Osama Bin Laden

03/05/2011 00:06:46 WIB
Council on Foreign Relations @CFR_org

#CFR's Abrams: Osama bin Laden's death helps the drive for democracy in the Middle East #obl

03/05/2011 00:06:50 WIB
Toney Brooks Media @ToneyBrooks

#Special Report: Iran Claims bin Laden Killed Due To Risk Of Leaking Joint US-Al Qaeda Operations - Zero Hedge

03/05/2011 00:10:02 WIB
Ali Abunimah @AliAbunimah

"Western" leaders celebrate extrajudicial executions. RT @mpoppel: Dutch PM Rutte has sent a written note to Obama to congratulate him - NOS

03/05/2011 00:10:09 WIB
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