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The Debate Over Google's Chrome OS

The Twitterverse debates the pros and cons of a Chrome OS as Google's experimental Cr-48 makes the rounds among bloggers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QRO3gKj3qw
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Paul Buchheit @paultoo
Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or "merged" with Android) http://ff.im/vdmVs
TechCrunch @TechCrunch
"Careless Computing" And The Cloud: Richard Stallman Warns Against ChromeOS http://tcrn.ch/gWADsS by @johnbiggs
Mongoose Metrics @mongoosemetrics
The guy who created Gmail predicts that ChromeOS will be killed next year http://bit.ly/hppxGA RT @mike_elgan
Why would you buy a ChromeOS tablet when you could just buy an Android tablet. So what, you run it on a netbook? Who wants one of those?
Patrick Kajirian @pkajirian
Has anyone considered dual booting #chromeOS as a secondary OS? It seems like an ideal alternative when you need access web apps on the fly.
Jeff Kirvin @jeffkirvin
I'm finding it absurdly easy to work entirely in Chrome. If I can't get ChromeOS to work on my ancient netbook, may have to install Linux.
James ☁️ @jdrydn
So... will the ChromeOS be available for download, or will we have to buy a special Chrome notebook? (I mean ChromeOS not ChromiumOS)
Mark Spritzler @bytor99999
Maybe Android emerged from Chrome. RT @paultoo: Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or "merged" with Android) http://ff.im/vdmVs
punyweakling @punyweakling
People talking about the ChromeOS/Android merge as early as next year are nuts IMO. UNLESS there's dual boot ChromeOS & Android honeycomb+
Joseph Kordish @jkordish
I think something like ChromeOS would be great for companies more than consumers. In the sense of controlling data.
Kyle @kylebubp
Why do we need ChromeOS when we have Android? I'd like a good explanation.
Al Cremie @TheScotBot
People seem to keep forgetting that ChromeOS *IS* linux... http://engt.co/g779f6
David Byrne @DavidIntelByrne
I think it will take 2 yeas before Chrome OS is ready RT @parislemon: In Defense Of Chrome OS http://t.co/gNnzmw8
Allan Finkelman @afinkelman
I'm not a believer yet, but check out: In Defense Of Chrome OS http://t.co/tmOL8vn via @techcrunch
I don't understand the criticism of ChromeOS. What's not to like about the browser-as-an-OS concept?
Apple @Z_Apple
A former Google employee predicted that the company's web-based Chrome OS for netbooks would be canceled next... http://zmarter.com/1535025
iphonechatter @iphonechatter
Google's Chrome OS assailed as needless, dangerous by critics - Apple Insider http://bit.ly/e9cAsI
fyiio @fyiio
So... what is the point of Chrome OS? I still don't get it. How will it be used? Why wouldn't you just get a netbook? Even a iOS/Android Tab
Swift.self @iWyvern
Pre-launch Chrome OS hands-on; analysis and screenshots ... http://bit.ly/gm8Gbk #Chrome
Rebecca Dias @vesselhead
I expected more from the ChromeOS. I demand client side caching and optional backup. Cloud = good; however, not enough http://me.lt/6H0EF
Jake Putnam @jakethegringo
The only think that will bring #ChromeOS down is people's fear of change. NOT lack of security, or usability, but just plain ignorant fear.
Tech_Walker @tech_walker
Is Google Chrome OS doomed for failure before it's release? Is it the omen of evil? Some think so ... http://bit.ly/gG3Pau
Eric Bruno @ericjbruno
I'm not a fan of Chrome OS, but Ballmer's criticism of Google's "dual" OS strategy shows how out of touch he is with his own company.
I predicted Chrome OS eats Android. Folks abler than I are picking the reverse http://goo.gl/Lb0eN
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