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Brooks Johnson

Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 13:35:21 WIB
Think @coachgambetta will appreciate this blog from legendary track coach Brooks Johnson talking about Wilbur Ross.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 13:45:32 WIB
The symphony of the hurdles @followlolo Brooks Johnson talking about Wilbur Ross & Israel “Cachao” Lopez.Wonderful Post
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 13:58:25 WIB
Brooks Johnson mentions @followlolo in post about the 100/110 meter hurdles being the most technical event in T & F:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:01:54 WIB
Brooks Johnson discusses the delayed reward/gratification aspect of TEACHING/COACHING: A post all teachers should like.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:06:45 WIB
Sometimes U just happen on a great blog-Read about Brooks Johnson's theories on barefoot training & googled:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:19:30 WIB
Found another great blog - Doc for Jocks - Pursuing vs. demanding perfection/excellence:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:31:10 WIB
Found a blog I think you'll like @michaeltillery - Brooks Johnson talks about John Carlos & 1968 Black Power Salute:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:32:25 WIB
On a late night quest for wisdom & I'm finding it.The internet is a wonderful place to explore.So much wisdom if you're ready to receive it.
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:37:48 WIB
Brooks Johnson on Usain Bolt & how unique he is as an athlete who performs at the outer limits of human performance:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:51:14 WIB
A most incredible story about John Carlos in regards to the 1972 Olympics, which I attended as a 13 year old:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 14:57:48 WIB
Olympic Gaming -Another great story from Brooks Johnson involving Flo Jo -Valerie Briscoe Hooks -Bobby Kersee & others
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 15:00:53 WIB
Psychology of Athletes: Brooks Johnson thinks all Olympic athletes he's ever coached have had a screw loose:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 15:04:12 WIB
I remember this incident from the 1972 Olympic games p Thanks for setting the record straight Coach Johnson:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 15:14:48 WIB
Stride Length vs. Stride Rate a discussion by Brooks Johnson in regards to Usain Bolt Enjoy @coachgambetta
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 15:35:20 WIB
Brooks Johnson, a great track coach who loves jazz, talks about how jazz has influenced his coaching style:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 15:57:52 WIB
Another great post by Brooks Johnson with references to Miles Davis & discussions about the psyche of an athlete:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 16:01:06 WIB
Brooks Johnson's blog is 1 of the greatest coaching blogs in existence-Talks about his Pet Peeves-Refocus v. Focusing:
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 16:06:48 WIB
Great Brooks Johnson quote: "Coaches need to be coaches and teachers, and in order to do that effectively ther… (cont)
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 01/05/2011 16:29:38 WIB
Brooks Johnson on the symbiosis between art & athletics with a mention of this Robert Frank photo
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 02/05/2011 13:19:32 WIB
Brooks Johnson on "Why athletes cheat" "At the end of the day, what the elite performer is seeking is control." BJ
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 02/05/2011 13:55:06 WIB
What type of athlete are you?What type of athlete do U coach - Goal Oriented or Task Oriented: BJ on Failures' Secrets
Clarence Gaines @ClarenceGaines2 02/05/2011 14:08:42 WIB
John Wooden considered self a teacher 1st,then a coach. Brooks Johnson's post distinguishes teachers/coaches/trainers:
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