#HFChat Transcript for Friday, April 29, 2011

The #HireFriday Twitter community was founded by Compassionate HR leader Margo Rose (aka @HRMargo) with the goal of assisting job seekers in their quest by retweeting their job needs. The power of Twitter, coupled with the dedication of #HireFridayRead More
Jason Lee Overbey @SpeakUpCincy

RT @HRMargo @HR4Change: Looking forward to appearing on #HFChat this Friday! <= Noon ET Don't miss Tony's questions and savvy answers #jobs

29/04/2011 22:00:55 WIB
Amy Ng @amyleighng

Thanks for the shout-out @CyndyTrivella! 'See' you soon on #HFChat.

29/04/2011 22:01:40 WIB
Richard Scot Pearson @RichardSPearson

Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Confucius [love this one!] #HFchat

29/04/2011 22:14:04 WIB
Tom Bolt @TomBolt

Only 45 minutes until #HFChat Today's topic "Interview Follow-up" #jobsearch #hirefriday" - http://owl.li/4Jpj1

29/04/2011 22:15:16 WIB
Richard Scot Pearson @RichardSPearson

Traditional #jobs are in the minority; majority now contingent: contract, temp, PT, self emp http://bit.ly/dp2fbz #mba #hfchat

29/04/2011 22:18:16 WIB
Cyndy Trivella @CyndyTrivella

RT @HR4Change: Join me in the the chat today at 9AM PDT on the @HFChat stream #hfchat

29/04/2011 22:22:30 WIB
FitFabMargo @FitFabMargo

30 Min till #HFChat How To Follow Up After The Interview co moderator @tombolt Top 25 Influencers, join us

29/04/2011 22:27:12 WIB
Josh Rock @JRock96

Who's doing #hirefriday & #hfchat by mobile? If that you get the LinkUp app on your phone for free!! 731,896 jobs from 21,430 companies!

29/04/2011 22:27:33 WIB
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