#Technology can give a #Headache

It will get worse before it gets better. Whether it is an online box-office or a bank, it can be a real challenge to have the page loading and working porperly.
Azure Accountancy @AzureAccountncy

Ulster Bank executives brief Stormont on computer failure http://t.co/HLOpnseo

05/07/2012 16:29:26 WIB
Jennie Gouck @jenniegouck

So Ulster Bank won't be fixed until 16th July*. What a mess! Feel for families and businesses struggling at the minute. #unacceptable

05/07/2012 16:28:00 WIB
Karen O'Sullivan @karenosu

Ulster bank app and internet banking have now gone down #

03/07/2012 16:10:29 WIB
grace @graceiicat

I can't even internet shop because of Ulster Bank ;(

03/07/2012 00:09:00 WIB
Korhomme @Korhomme

Find out how quick and easy it is to manage your money online with Ulster Bank's Anytime Internet Banking http://t.co/3rL0fwDx << Really?

30/06/2012 01:37:47 WIB
Marie-Clare Murray @MarieClareM

2 weeks full time wages not paid in, no internet, no food and no vaccines for asia! Cheeers ulster bank! #ulsterbank #ulsterwankbank

29/06/2012 18:28:34 WIB
Jack McCann @Jack_Mc_Cann

My Internet banking registration came through today after waiting 5 days for the 24 hour verification. Ulster Bank seem back in business!

27/06/2012 20:53:42 WIB
David Hughes @dcahughes

RBS admits some Ulster Bank accounts won't be up and running until 16 July http://t.co/xw9lA81e - Wow! Thats some glitch!

05/07/2012 15:00:26 WIB
Jamie Delargy @enirgy_info

Ulster Bank is understoood to be suspending its voluntary severance programme as it copes with the aftermath of the computer glitch

05/07/2012 00:07:53 WIB
East Coast FM News @eastcoastfmnews

Ulster Bank Considers Compensation For Customers Affected By IT Glitch http://t.co/YcneXeem

04/07/2012 23:10:39 WIB

Byron Smyth did a short but precise review on the "unfriendly technology glitch at banks" in June 2012.

Everyone thought that all was going to be fine rapidly.

However, things are sometimes not that simple. Technology is a tricky science.

Now the Guardian has reported that it could take until the 16th July 2012, to be up and running normally again.

Banks have set up online banking in case clients can't go to their nearest branches but even this part of the service is down.

Anger and frustration have been visible. This is understandable!

But one of the main question is: are people nowadays relying too much on the internet to live their life, interact, communicate, meet and manage their finances?

Has technology gone too far?

Are We run by the addictive habit to use a tactile screen for a lot of common activities: timetables, shopping, weather forecast, booking tickets...etc

On the one hand life is easier and quicker with such devices: only when all connections are blending with harmony.

On the other hand, when it is out of control, it is like a revolution that no one wants to accept.

Zero paper banking a good idea on paper maybe?

In the past years (10 years ago), people would just go to see their banker to check or talk about tracker bonds or mortgages. And there was no real timescale issue.

People had the time and if not they would make the time - as it was an essential visit! Do we consult our GP via internet? The answer is NO because, life is more important and in fact vital.

So a change of attitude would then be necessary! Accepting that digital world can have "health issues" such as human beings. Sometimes it can be fixed rapidly and other times treatment/medication is needed and specialists have to intervene to find a remedy.

Patience is a virtue!


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