Happy 4th of July!

This is what happens when you say that the US is racist and built upon slavery and genocide
comrade thanker @dotcormunism

happy 4th of july. america is a violent racist nation built upon slavery and genocide. enjoy your hot dogs and fireworks

04/07/2012 11:16:20 WIB
Triple C @USLibertine

@dotcormunism drop dead asshole. What was the USSR built on you stupid commie?

04/07/2012 20:30:55 WIB
Wisconservative @CarterFliptMe

China is a violent racist nation built upon slavery and genocide. Enjoy your tofu and #WhateverTheHeckYouProgsEat #4thOfJuly @dotcormunism

04/07/2012 20:40:52 WIB
Zoe M @omicron123

@dotcormunism America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. And this is more true today than ever.

04/07/2012 20:59:30 WIB
Miss Adele McFly 😺 @PennyDreadful81

@dotcormunism Happy 4th of July to you as well! If you think this nation is so bad, why be here? Oh yeah...FREE STUFF FROM GOVT, right?

04/07/2012 21:04:07 WIB
Miss Adele McFly 😺 @PennyDreadful81

RT @dotcormunism sometimes i just wish someone owuld murder me irl // Click your heels three times and wish!

04/07/2012 21:06:09 WIB
Randy Spangler @RandySpangler

@dotcormunism Hey, when is Independence Day in North Korea? Kim Chee on the barbie for EVERYONE!

04/07/2012 21:17:06 WIB
scott chester @nogzm

@dotcormunism The fix is simple dickweed, go back to the cesspool y'all came from.

04/07/2012 21:28:26 WIB
Master Reynolds @MasterReynolds

@dotcormunism Ypur country is built off the labors of others as well. They just get to "pretend" they are free.

04/07/2012 21:31:15 WIB
Jeff B @JBtower69

@dotcormunism Dare to Learn ? Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats -> http://t.co/uLv4oMXQ Dont be pissed @whites Dems stole your history!

04/07/2012 21:38:33 WIB

@dotcormunism Hey, Sophie, nice thing about the US, you are free to leave anytime you want.

04/07/2012 21:39:20 WIB
Clueless-professor @cluelessprof

@dotcormunism is bitter, ignorant, and unable to speak this way in nation's you prefer

04/07/2012 21:43:47 WIB
Small Metal Owl @SmallMetalOwl

.@dotcormunism Oh and wait, let me guess, don’t question your patriotism?

04/07/2012 21:48:44 WIB
Uncivil Discourse @UncivilD

@dotcormunism On this day, we are all united as Americans. If you can't relate, you're doing it wrong.

04/07/2012 21:49:31 WIB

@dotcormunism - I will enjoy all. So sorry you're a slave, enjoy your gruel.

04/07/2012 21:50:53 WIB
madison shelby @beaglesrock17

@dotcormunism and i hope you enjoy you anger and bitterness! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

04/07/2012 22:06:56 WIB
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