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Nope. I haven't read them all and probably won't. But it's a clever way to shine a light on surveillance over-reach, which is a far more serious problem than most people admit.
Kαptain Klaus @Captian_0
#NSAPickUpLines She doesn't know who I am and she does not give a damn - cos I am just an #NSA dirtbag
Town Post.. @ReneNow
#NSAPickUpLines Roses are red, Violets are blue, You don't know me, But I know all about you.#GOP Clowns #UniteBlue
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Gabe @gabeheygeewhat
#NSAPickUpLines Every move you make, I'll be watching you.
SusanKnowles @SusanKnowles
#NSAPickUpLines Let me buy that drink for you. I know your bank account balance is a little low right now.
巫 cairo @MlDNIGHTER
date me, i know you're single and earn $78000/yr. we're meant to be; your social security number says so. #NSAPickUpLines
Gabe @gabeheygeewhat
#NSAPickUpLines I wanna get to know you ... even more than I already do.
Leslie @leslienassar
Hey girl, are you Ingrid Bergman? Because I'm going to erode your self-confidence and perception of reality. #NSAPickUpLines
Shotgun_Steve @Libpuncher
#NSAPickUpLines Can I have your phone number? Ha Just kidding, I already know what it is, was and will be.
TexasSecede @TexasSecede
#NSAPickUpLines Why not sleep with me? It is not like I haven't seen you naked before!
Reggie Lutz @ReggieLutz
...of course, the cast needs @DonovanWord though. There has to be SOME grace and gravitas in #NSAPickUpLines the movie.
Sue-Ellen Campbell @sueecampbell
#NSApickuplines, lie back and think of England while USA f#%{s you
SusanKnowles @SusanKnowles
#NSAPickUpLines You know you can change your telephone number but I'll still call you!
Reggie Lutz @ReggieLutz
...also, I can't decide if the star of #NSAPickUpLines the movie should star Will Ferrell or Matt Damon...
SusanKnowles @SusanKnowles
#NSAPickUpLines Of course your mother will like me. If she doesn't I'll just have her taxes tagged for audit!
Aram Sinnreich 🗽🎶 @aram
"Is that a pickle in your pocket? Just kidding, we KNOW what it is." #NSAPickUpLines
Adam Rothstein @Interdome
Anarchist Dating Advice should do a special edition on improving your #NSApickuplines
blasthedd @blasthedd
#NSAPickUpLines Since I already know everything about you, let's talk about me..
Town Post.. @ReneNow
"Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here's my number. I already know yours." #NSAPickUpLines #LibCrib
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