anand mahindra @anandmahindra
The Small pleasures of New York. Michael Hashim at Small's Jazz club... http://t.co/VXNADWBJjR
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Aaron M. Renn 🇺🇸 @aaron_renn
Gotta love how a city run entirely by Democrats is considered "conservative" and Rahm an outright "neocon" - http://t.co/AS16c435BX
Nate Storring @natestorring
@urbanophile @Richard_Florida Typically Canadian portrait of America. As an expat, I feel like it's more complicated than this portrays.


macandrew inman @inmanmac 25/08/2013 23:45:05 WIB
Strategic objectives or goals make or break a company. Defining a company’s long-term plans is totally distinct from achieving them. VVM must know what it is talking about when it promises clients. Good luck!
ohnicio kalb @ohnikalb 25/08/2013 23:55:36 WIB
Experience and knowledge make the difference. How can VVM promise this when it only began operations last year? Please explain.
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