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The Best of #TextYouGetFromaStalker

Pray you never get a text like these! Enjoy the compilation of Tweets, and feel free to edit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s46Nurfe_Bs
#textyougetfromastalker Wanna hang out? I'll pick you up.. I don't need the address, I know where you live.
Randall G @Cool_RandallG
#textyougetfromastalker Damn i think u shoulda made a left at that last light, now we both lost
Himal Kotelawala @himalkk
What you doing tomorrow after your tennis practices, family lunch, movie with friends and dinner with the cousins? #textyougetfromastalker
#textyougetfromastalker That's is a pretty dress. Is it new? I haven't seen you wear it before.
jess mc @jessica_satx
#textyougetfromastalker can you turn the lights on? i can't see you sleep.
Jason @FRamakhutla
#textyougetfromastalker On twitter you said you were going to the mall, on facebook you said your grandma's, & here you are at the movies???
Dillz @Dillz_Music
#textyougetfromastalker ay change the channel back, i was watchin that lol
Ask My Neighbors @xRatedBiReddz
#TextYouGetFromAStalker What time you get off work?? I have a surprise for you.
Baker @bayker
#TextYouGetFromAStalker hey I requested you again. I think Facebook is messed up cuz it says we aren't friends anymore
Zachary Bullard @MaNamesGator
I washed your sheets while you went grocery shopping #textyougetfromastalker
#textyougetfromastalker that taco looks good want me to bring you the salsa from the kitchen
#textyougetfromastalker i like your shoes arent they the same one you had on last week
Audrey Mahube @DiAudriz
#textyougetfromastalker "I am sitting at the table across, but I don't like the way the waiter goes on with you"
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