Guantanamo Files: The "Camp No" Records

On the night of 9-10 June 2006, three Guantánamo inmates died in suspicious circumstances. The official report, from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (a heavily redacted version of which is available here: maintains that all three deaths were due to suicide. A report prepared by Seton Hall University (see: More
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

Records for 2 of the 4 #Guantanamo inmates supposedly tortured at Camp No have been released. Background @davidleigh3

25/04/2011 16:19:09 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

What do the Ameer ( and Al-Zahrani ( records have in common? Disciplinary concerns. @davidleigh3

25/04/2011 16:20:09 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@davidleigh3 Hi David, is there any chance the Guardian could put Guantanamo records 588 (Al-Utaybi) and 693 (Ahmed) online?

25/04/2011 16:24:16 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

.@davidleigh3 These are two of the three 'suicides' from 2006, which a US military whistleblower cast doubt onin Jan last year.

25/04/2011 16:26:09 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

Shaker Ameer's Guantanamo record can be viewed from here: (@Asher_Wolf) - previous link non-functional.

25/04/2011 16:32:39 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

The two later reported suicides at Guantanamo are al-Hanashi ( and al-Amri (, inmate 199)

25/04/2011 16:43:14 WIB
Naomi Colvin @auerfeld

Record 199 is not yet online, but al-Hanashi is also listed as a 'high detention risk'. Further research is needed here.

25/04/2011 16:44:05 WIB