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Crackdown in #Syria, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 April 2011

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Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom

AJA: Syrian TV says Assad has ratified the law ending the state of emergency. #syria

21/04/2011 19:35:58 WIB
Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom

AJA, again citing Syrian TV, says Assad also issued a decree abolishing state security courts.

21/04/2011 19:39:09 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

Worth reading, Twitter's not just a tool of protesters RT @guardiantech Syria's Twitter spambots

21/04/2011 20:15:55 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

France says #Syria must immediately renounce the use of force against demonstrators & implement the announced reforms

21/04/2011 23:07:58 WIB
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish

Syria braced for 'Great Friday' protests: Amry deploys in Homs as activists prepare for the largest protests to ...

22/04/2011 08:16:10 WIB
Blake News @blakehounshell

It is very cute the way Syrians say the ta marbuta. Not so cute is when they get beaten for saying the word hurriyeh (freedom).

22/04/2011 12:21:48 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Bit of rain just ahead of Friday prayers in #Damascus, #Syria.

22/04/2011 15:36:01 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Heavy secret police checkpoints at major entry points into #Damascus, #Syria. People report being stopped 3-5 times driving into capital.

22/04/2011 15:37:42 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

#Syria churches cancel Good Friday street processions ahead of expected protests

22/04/2011 16:03:08 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

The call to prayer has just begun to echo over #Damascus. #Syria

22/04/2011 16:28:33 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Follow #AlJazeera's @calperryAJ for the latest updates on "Great Friday" in #Syria today.

22/04/2011 16:50:18 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Our correspondent says #Damascus incredibly quiet, secret police in every street corner 'suffocating the city' #syria

22/04/2011 17:09:05 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Anti-riot police have been depolyed around mosque's in #Damascus, #Syria. Government is clearly taking today VERY seriously.

22/04/2011 17:12:37 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Interior ministry spokeswoman on reports of 220 deaths in #Syria: "Give me names and phone numbers so I can verify it"

22/04/2011 17:28:49 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

INFORMATION ministry spokeswoman on reports of 220 deaths in #Syria: "Give me names and phone numbers so I can verify it"

22/04/2011 17:33:56 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Protests have broken out in dozens of cities in #Syria. Including the capital of #Damascus

22/04/2011 17:56:53 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

Reports of protests in #Syria cities including #Qamishli #Hasakah #Daraa and the Damascus district #Midan

22/04/2011 18:02:27 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Tear gas has been used in #Damascus: I can confirm because I can smell it. #Syria

22/04/2011 18:27:41 WIB
Al Jazeera News @AJENews

#Damascus protest broken up with teargas. "We can smell it here in the hotel" our correspondent says. #Syria

22/04/2011 18:33:04 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Reports coming in of live rounds being used in #Hama, #Syria against anti-Assad protesters.

22/04/2011 18:38:58 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

The phone lines are all jammed up again: seems like the system is overloaded, NOT that the government has cut the lines. #Syria

22/04/2011 18:48:47 WIB
Cal Perry @CalNBC

Thousands in #Banias calling for overthrow of government. Thousands also in #Deraa, chanting the same. #Syria

22/04/2011 18:57:42 WIB
septimius severus @septimius_sever

"Every dictator knows that, when he starts making concessions, he is at his most vulnerable" Robert Fisk #libya #yemen #syria #feb17

23/04/2011 06:46:28 WIB
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