#DuPageChat - August 20, 2013

During our August 2013 #DuPageChat we chatted about golf and resorts in DuPage County, as well as our summer campaign, "What's Your Style?"
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Topgolf Chicago @TopgolfChicago
Have you checked out our KidZone & FREE Back to school party? #dupagechat http://t.co/SowJUo6siL
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
We’ve got a little bit of everything today as we chat about #golf, #resorts and “What’s Your Style?” #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
Today we’ll talk about some summer fun still to be had, as well as golf and resorts. #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
You might even see some tweets from area businesses letting you know of upcoming events and specials. #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
At the end of the chat we’ll be giving away tickets for tours of the one-and-only Wrigley Field http://t.co/3CRt5WI0TZ #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
Let’s get started! Feel free to post your own questions and recommendations and jump in any time! #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
Q1: Where will we find you at a resort...by the pool, on the golf course…? #dupagechat
Eaglewood Resort @EaglewoodResort
Join us in our live chat with @DiscoverDupage in their #DupageChat! Follow hashtag #DupageChat to ask your Golf questions! #dupagechat
Melanie Locum @MelanieLocum
@DiscoverDuPage A1 By the pool, and at the restaurants and then taking a nap! #dupagechat
Rhonda @L5S1ouch
@DiscoverDuPage A1: The POOL Love the water and sun! #dupagechat But do enjoy watching Golf Tournaments.
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
@susieeee2222 for the most part, we're starting with golf and then moving on to resorts #dupagechat
Kyra @KyraPoulos
@DiscoverDuPage Definitely by the pool -- preferably with a fruity cocktail #dupagechat
Jerry Locum @cheezer64
@DiscoverDuPage A1 Definitely by the pool - as long as there is a swim up bar! #dupagechat
Mike Harden @JackandCigar
A1 - round of golf in the morning. Relax by the pool in the afternoon. #dupagechat
DuPage County CVB @DiscoverDuPage
@susieeee2222 no worries, thanks for joining in on the questions that interest you :) #dupagechat
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