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From WikiLeaks to OpenLeaks

Twitter users debate the merits of the recently announced OpenLeaks. Does WikiLeaks need competition? Should it be replaced? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeIR9kDLX7E&feature=related

BBC News - Wikileaks defectors to launch Openleaks alternative http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-11981301 #openleaks

13/12/2010 23:09:52 WIB
Tech News @technws

TechCrunch: The Internet Cannot Be Stopped: WikiLeaks Defectors About To Launch OpenLeaks http://tcrn.ch/gq1X8j #tech

11/12/2010 00:33:26 WIB
Trevor Timm @trevortimm

OpenLeaks proves great Economist editorial right: "Jailing Thomas Edison in 1890 would not have darkened the night." http://econ.st/i4n0Wp

13/12/2010 08:32:59 WIB
Robin ロビン @0ip

"Please have some patience, and yes we read twitter. Neither the 'openleaks' or 'openleaksorg' twitter account are owned by us." #openleaks

14/12/2010 03:06:49 WIB

WikiLeaks and the upcoming OpenLeaks are interesting...what if a PersonLeaks was invented?

14/12/2010 03:13:49 WIB
MEC Member since 2004 @infil00p

So, wasn't openleaks.org supposed to open today? Oh well, at least WikiLeaks.org is back up and rocking it old school! #harderthanitlooks

14/12/2010 04:21:59 WIB
Jeremy Lye @jeremyjlye

Still waiting for that new leaks (sans demagoguery) site to start. Allegedly it'll be at www.openleaks.org

14/12/2010 04:47:01 WIB
Lasse @nekr0

In 2012 has doom written all over it... For the American Empire. #openleaks

14/12/2010 04:55:19 WIB
Daniel Maki @Dmaki891

New Leak sites begin to pop up on the web in light of WikiLeaks success, Openleaks, Brusselsleaks ...can't stop the signal?

14/12/2010 05:09:09 WIB
hophnung @hophnung

#openleaks shouldn't bash #wikileaks so much. looks kinda childish to me. concentrate on the project, guys! it's too important!

14/12/2010 05:24:50 WIB

Now that OpenLeaks is on the way, I have to wonder if revealing secrets will become a new norm. Will intel be able to adapt?

14/12/2010 05:37:31 WIB
ck @citizenpersist

Openleaks.org needs to launch already. *drums fingers impatiently*

14/12/2010 05:43:02 WIB
Vahid Rafiei @vahid_r

I wanna focus on OpenLeaks instead of Wikileaks.Maybe they are more democrat and cover ALL news,not just Anti-US info(that I don't like)...

14/12/2010 06:08:24 WIB
Stratos Safioleas @stratosathens

I am for another site providing access to wistleblowers, Openleaks, but to announce it NOW when #Wikileaks is under attack is bad form

14/12/2010 06:08:40 WIB
Eileen Hsieh @EileenHsieh

If @wikileaks claims to "open governments", what does its new rival @openleaksorg hope to accomplish & how? http://goo.gl/2TiVr #Openleaks

14/12/2010 06:35:50 WIB
Duncan @a_cold_boy

Huh. There is now a rival to WikiLeaks called OpenLeaks. And looks like it will be less controversy-for-controversy's-sake.

14/12/2010 06:47:10 WIB
Cliffano Subagio @cliffano

WikiLeaks defectors started OpenLeaks. It will eventually be forked as LibreLeaks following Oracle acquisition.

14/12/2010 07:09:24 WIB
Té Esprit @te_esprit

Information is becoming more readily available; peddlers are slinging digital packets. Know truth over gossip. #wikileaks #openleaks

14/12/2010 07:30:03 WIB
TLLMN @tllmn

Dissapointed by @OpenLeaks landing page. I mean, its 2010. Don't bounce, convert. Get subscription forms and social stuff up quick!

14/12/2010 08:00:42 WIB
vbspurs @vbspurs

Apparently, word has it that the Openleaks (heh, these names KILL) offshoot is based on the fact that Assange is an egomaniac. REALLY?

14/12/2010 08:03:49 WIB
Leanne Britt @la_jonquille

Am I the only one who doesn't really understand what a "cable" is, exactly? #wikileaks happy to hear about #openleaks http://goo.gl/jxaZQ

14/12/2010 08:13:05 WIB
Phil @philabustatweet

Founded by former Wikileaks members, Openleaks is different in that it pledges transparency and will not be run by Bill Maher's albino twin.

14/12/2010 08:29:16 WIB
OilRisks @JoseChalhoub

Openleaks as a rival to wikileaks show us that we r definitely entering a new type of war. An info war just like old cold war times

14/12/2010 09:16:29 WIB
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