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Digital Childhood Seminar

Here is the Twitter overview of yesterday's Digital Childhood Seminar at DIT
Brian O'Neill @BONeillTUDublin

Study shows more children with social network profile | Irish Examiner: via @irishexaminer #digitalkids

29/06/2012 16:03:07 WIB
Stephen Dunne @stiofandunne

@boneill_dit Thanks so much for yesterday, it was really very enjoyable #digitalkids

29/06/2012 15:32:18 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

Hey @julian_dooley no, we think it's more about trust and communication than spying, #digitalkids raised many different points tho

29/06/2012 15:29:54 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

@fboss What did you think of the #digitalkids seminar, some interesting stuff!

29/06/2012 15:25:34 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

@me_joolie Hope you enjoyed yesterday's #digitalkids thanks for getting involved!

29/06/2012 15:23:28 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

@pialang Thanks for the RT yesterday, interesting stuff hope you found #digitalkids useful

29/06/2012 15:21:15 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

@CybersmartACMA Thanks for tunning in. Was a really great seminar. We'll have a report online later too #digitalkids

29/06/2012 15:15:37 WIB
eSafety Office @eSafetyOffice

@Webwise_Ireland thanks for your tweets from #digitalkids - looks like a fascinating seminar, v. interesting discussions.

29/06/2012 04:07:47 WIB
Patrick Delaney @paddysnap

Great #digitalkids seminar today in #DIT with some very interesting perspectives offered from the panel members.

29/06/2012 03:06:35 WIB
fboss @fboss

RT @Webwise_Ireland DIT's Brian O'Neill launching his report into Irish children's use of Social Networking sites #digitalkids #edchatie

29/06/2012 01:15:19 WIB
fboss @fboss

RT @Webwise_Ireland 3 in 5 children have online profiles, but this data has already moved on says BoN #digitalkids #edchatie

29/06/2012 01:14:41 WIB
fboss @fboss

RT @Webwise_Ireland Facebook is most dominant of sites among #digitalkids, but younger users between 12-13 Bebo is more popular #edchatie

29/06/2012 01:14:11 WIB
fboss @fboss

RT @Webwise_Ireland Key finding: shows extent of social networking among young people under 13, against user rules #digitalkids #edchatie

29/06/2012 01:13:50 WIB
fboss @fboss

RT @Webwise_Ireland #digitalkids Bebo is still used by a significant number of kids in Ireland! I'm surprised #edchatie

29/06/2012 01:12:35 WIB
Pia Lang-Holmen @pialang

RT @Webwise_Ireland: We haven't found a solution yet to underage use, say Facebook #digitalkids

28/06/2012 23:39:20 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

And that concludes the voting for the #digitalkids seminar at DIT

28/06/2012 23:09:49 WIB
Stephen Dunne @stiofandunne

And that concludes the voting for the #digitalkids seminar at DIT

28/06/2012 23:09:46 WIB
Webwise @Webwise_Ireland

FB says we will continue to invest in safety #digitalkids

28/06/2012 23:09:11 WIB
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