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Debating Bradley Manning's Fate at Ft. Leavenworth

After a long and controversial period of confinement in Quantico, Bradley Manning is being transferred to Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas. Almost immediately debate sprang up in response to the transfer. Is it a response to allegations of inhumane treatment? Is Manning in fact headed for an even worse situation? Read More
The News Breaks, Manning Supporters Respond:
WikiLeaks @wikileaks

Bradley Manning, suspect in WikiLeaks breach, to be moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kan. - Wash Post http://wapo.st/gA7wuC

20/04/2011 03:32:35 WIB
WikiLeaks @wikileaks

Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks Tactical Standard Operating Procedur http://is.gd/YBonO8

20/04/2011 03:55:06 WIB
WikiLeaks @wikileaks

US Fort Levenworth Control Proceedures for Intractable Inmates http://is.gd/leR8Au

20/04/2011 03:56:41 WIB
WikiLeaks @wikileaks

Bradley's move to Kansas will limit access to attorney, family and friends. No guarantee of better treatment.

20/04/2011 03:58:29 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

Bradley Manning being moved from Quantico "in the wake of international criticism about his treatment"-to Ft Leavenworth http://is.gd/feGOYJ

20/04/2011 02:54:01 WIB
wiwothb @wiwothb

But will he b in solitary in Leavenwth too? RT @ggreenwald Bradley Manning being moved from Quantico "in the wake of international criticism

20/04/2011 03:45:45 WIB
Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

That's one key question: RT @wiwothb "But will he be in solitary in Leavenworth too?"

20/04/2011 03:47:17 WIB
Chelsea Manning @SaveManning

"I won't say his conditions at Quantico have nothing to do with this." DoD on moving Brad away from lawyer. http://www.defense.gov/live2/

20/04/2011 04:59:52 WIB
Chelsea Manning @SaveManning

#Pentagon says Ft. Leavenworth will be "more appropriate." http://cot.ag/foOJ7K They could prove it by letting the #UN visit. #wikileaks

20/04/2011 07:24:44 WIB
Chelsea Manning @SaveManning

Press Release: Military moves to further isolate Bradley Manning http://nblo.gs/gREN4

20/04/2011 08:10:31 WIB
Bradley Manning UK @UKFriendsofBM

#bradleymanning's move to Ft Leavenworth is presented as 'in response to intl pressure'. Actual impact unclear. http://wapo.st/gA7wuC

20/04/2011 03:52:50 WIB
Bradley Manning UK @UKFriendsofBM

BBC's Andrew North: "Kansas is a lot further away...it will be a lot harder for media and others to cover the story" #bradleymanning

20/04/2011 05:27:09 WIB
And then critics weigh in...
Shoq @Shoq

Now they're trying to torture Bradley by putting him in a much nicer prison. Bastards #p2

20/04/2011 03:39:58 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

No bars on the windows. Lots of light. Inmates prefer it over other prisons. Rat bastards. http://j.mp/gCmVFx

20/04/2011 03:41:54 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

I wonder if they'll remove his thumbscrews and testicle clamps before moving him.

20/04/2011 03:42:59 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

He's not in "solitary" now. RT @ggreenwald: That's one key question: RT @wiwothb "But will he be in solitary in Leavenworth too?"

20/04/2011 03:50:11 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

An inmate was killed at Leavenworth with a baseball bat. Clearly, they are moving Bradley there to kill him! http://j.mp/ePAUpH #p2

20/04/2011 03:52:26 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

See, never mind that he's never been in solitary. This is how this guy gins up noise for his site. RE http://bit.ly/fRorUG

20/04/2011 03:54:57 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

No, it's not a key question. It's not even a question.

20/04/2011 03:55:34 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

The media on the left is coming completely unglued. It's marginally better than the MSM at this point.

20/04/2011 03:57:24 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

And now, before the story is even confirmed, they will get the House of Horrors memes in place. RE http://bit.ly/g3FmUT

20/04/2011 03:58:23 WIB
Shoq @Shoq

By morning, Truthout will be calling it the most egregious acts of torture since the inquistion (and he's still at Quantico)

20/04/2011 03:59:00 WIB
And the debate continues...
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