Avocado Uses & Emotional Connection

A short collection of tweets that represent some consumer uses and feelings about avocados. Disclosure: I happen to love avocados.
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Travis Nichols @travisnichols
ÜBERSANDWICH today had tomato, garlic, avocado, and flaxseed (& much more). All anti-inflammatory. TENDINITIS CURED. A little. #PowerOfFood
Lenny Harris @Lennyholla
Never seen it... @reggie_bush: Is it normal to eat Avocado on your eggs? I've never seen that before? Lol
Michelle @MichelleLisaL
Crayfish, avocado, salad, edamame beans for lunch, lamb chops and salad for dinner- that's all healthy right?
Malia Weinhagen @maliaweinhagen
I am drooling RT @whole9life: Lunch: Dry-aged NY strip w/warm avocado tequila sauce fresh pico & butternut squash soup http://fb.me/xwB3JoUi
Arrested Development @ADtheBand
Wow! Flip burger ATL, just ate the turkey, alfalfa sprouts, avocado burger. Taste explosion! #full
Rhama baby @RhamaMama
@reggie_bush avocado is good with everything! With every damn thing!
@veryculinary I may have to rethink our friendship if it cant involve avocado;) @foodiewithfam @thepioneerwoman
Isabel Lowery @IsabelLowery
Boost the nutrition in all types of sandwiches by adding tomato, lettuce, peppers or other vegetables. Replace mayo with avocado..YUMM!
Angie LaPaglia @myearthgirl
RT @melancholundone: She sliced avocado as if each piece held a quote from Rumi.
Cédric Lignier @cdric
1/2 mixt green, 1/2 butter letuce w/ Marinated tofu, Avocado, Black beans & Roasted zucchini = a great salad 2 kick off the week @mixtgreen


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