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Northern Ireland: the Royal visit: Day One, Enniskillen

Stephen Nolan @StephenNolan

Audioboo: Former BBC Ireland correspondent Denis Murray on the Queen, Martin and the big handshake #bbcnolan

25/06/2012 16:38:31 WIB
Stephen Nolan @StephenNolan

Audioboo: SF's Conor Murphy on the significance of Martin McGuinness shaking the had of the Queen #bbcnolan

25/06/2012 16:43:19 WIB
Stephen Nolan @StephenNolan

Audioboo: DUP's Jeffery Donaldson on Martin McGuinness shaking hands with the Queen #bbcnolan #royalhandshake

25/06/2012 16:48:34 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

Queen move 'gesture to unionists': Martin McGuinness has said when he shakes the hand of the Queen he will be sy...

25/06/2012 23:41:30 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

Martin McGuinness tells BBC that pictures of him and the Queen will "give unionists a glimpse of what a re-united Ireland would look like".

25/06/2012 23:46:38 WIB
In Derry @inderry

Martin McGuinness has said when he shakes the hand of the Queen he will be symbolically shaking the hand of ever...

25/06/2012 23:46:53 WIB
UTV @utv

No photo of Queen meeting 'cowardly': Martin McGuinness has told UTV it would be "cowardly" if the moment he sho...

26/06/2012 00:16:01 WIB
Northern Ireland @NIviews

Gerry Adams: A Cordial Union: The peace process has seen some strange and unexpected and remarkable developments...

26/06/2012 00:54:24 WIB
Northern Ireland @NIviews

Mallie: ‘The Queen and I’: Martin McGuinness says his handshake with the Queen will be seen as one of the "most ...

26/06/2012 02:01:36 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

Martin McGuinness on Queen's personal loss at hands of IRA and her acknowledgement of British hurt visited on all here.

26/06/2012 04:09:26 WIB
Belfast Telegraph @BelTel

In Tuesday's paper: The inside story on how the meeting between Martin McGuinness and the Queen was diplomatically engineered.

26/06/2012 04:27:47 WIB
Mark Devenport @markdevenport

BBC News - Queen handshake 'about reconciliation' says McGuinness

26/06/2012 05:10:18 WIB
Eamonn Mallie @EamonnMallie

Peter Robinson on why it was hard dealing with Gerry Adams

26/06/2012 07:24:00 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

Queen to begin N Ireland visit: The Queen will begin a two-day visit to Northern Ireland later, which will inclu...

26/06/2012 10:31:48 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

Queen is on her way to N Ireland for 2 days. On her itinerary: Enniskillen, a Stormont party & an historic handshake.

26/06/2012 12:27:47 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

Morning everyone... between now and 9... we're looking ahead to the Queen's visit as she arrives in NI

26/06/2012 13:16:53 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

Queen to visit Enniskillen today and Belfast tomorrow, and of course that historic meeting with Martin McGuinness

26/06/2012 13:17:42 WIB
Mark Simpson @BBCMarkSimpson

With the Queen expected later in Enniskillen, a crowd started gathering at 5am including people from Carrick & Lisburn

26/06/2012 13:31:59 WIB
UTV @utv

Queen due to visit NI: The Queen will visit Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning for a two-day Diamond Jubilee to...

26/06/2012 13:44:05 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

On breakfast this morning: The #Queen arrives for a two day visit to NI ahead of her historic meeting with Martin McGuinness

26/06/2012 14:03:01 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

We'll be live in Enniskillen and we'll also have reaction from DUP MP Gregory Campbell and the chair of Sinn Fein, Declan Kearney

26/06/2012 14:03:38 WIB
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