angry arabiya @angryarabiya

MSf called to c if I need pain injections, I will tolerate pain. wat I'm going thru cant b compared to wat my father & husband r going thru

17/04/2011 02:16:41 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I cudnt sleep becuz of the pain last night, cant sit, cant sleep, & 2 dizzy to stand. So trying to do 5 minutes of each

17/04/2011 02:14:23 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

How many have 2 die how many must live thru torture how many bodies will b filled with pellets & how many eyes will b lost be4 this all ends

17/04/2011 02:09:20 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I'm getting calls from villages, people getting attacked now by riot police. Bahraini suffering continues.

17/04/2011 02:05:09 WIB


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