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Unfriendly #technology #glitch at #banks

Not a happy weekend for some account holders. Unable to check balance, transfer cash or calculate a future mortgage. Technology can be unfriendly!
Red Zebra Community @RedZebraCommSol

BBC News - NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank getting 'back to normal'

25/06/2012 15:29:54 WIB
Dr Alex Concorde @DrAlexConcorde

UK News: Bank needs week to fix IT backlog - Ulster Bank is extending opening hours in 80 of its branches on Monday ...

25/06/2012 15:28:53 WIB
J C Saunders @JCSaunders1

What a debacle! BBC News - NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank getting 'back to normal'

25/06/2012 15:25:09 WIB
Vltorrens @vltorrens

Hoping Ulster bank /Nat west bank systems sort out today as need my pay.

25/06/2012 15:22:58 WIB
WexFinancial @WexFinancials

Ulster Bank admits backlog may take all week to clear | via @breakingnewsie

25/06/2012 15:21:19 WIB
Patrick Abbott @patrickabbott

Ulster Bank-Royal Bank of Scotland-Nat West computer glitch: Computer says no via @Telegraph

25/06/2012 15:05:36 WIB
Breaking News @bnogr

News by BBC Banks opened on Sunday for glitch: Some 1,200 NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank branches opened on a Sund...

25/06/2012 01:32:41 WIB
East Coast FM News @eastcoastfmnews

Ulster Bank To Stay Open Till 6pm For customers Affected By Technical Glitch

25/06/2012 13:47:26 WIB

#finance More than 1,000 branches of Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank have opened on a Sunday for the first time after a computer glitch affect

25/06/2012 07:37:50 WIB

Technical glitch creates mayhem on weekend

When the technology works it is ALL fine, but there is an issue...people don't accept it.

A few months ago, RIM (research In Motion: the company behind the innovative and award-winning BlackBerry® product line) - had a major server situation where million of users were unable to send/receive texts or e-mails. The mobile device was just reduced to be used as a phone.

When an unexpected problem stops paying users to access a service, it is very frustrating. But We need to remember that sometimes technology can have such aspects.

It is not the employees behind the counter who are responsible for it. So, there are sometimes awkward behaviours from customers unwilling to accept it!

But the facts are here: it is not working.

Fifteen or twenty years ago, the world was different and maybe...just maybe things were easier/better, because high-tech was just starting to become a new feature.

For instance, you had to go to your bank to check your balance. Nowadays, internet banking is very practical. Because at anytime of the day/night and wherever the account holder is, it can be checked. Except that last weekend transactions started to get more serious.

Now, after unclear communication or inaccurate information, some customers are thinking of switching bank account. Understandable reaction! But, it could happen again at another bank.

The 21st century has given people access to everything now! When there is a slight delay or ongoing problem: it is not good enough.

Stepping back from our daily busy and techy life is going to be necessary as We need to be ready for eventual further problems in the future.

Creators of new electronic products, might not have planned a certain operation which could trigger a fault in the entire system and consequently affect million of people.

What happened to the banks when everything was frozen for customers trying to get cash and transfer money, was a bad surprise for all.

It is not about trusting a machine, a business or advanced technology but accepting that these problems need to be dealt with to keep the end-users informed rather than in the dark, which makes the entire situation even worse.

Communication seems to be a barricade sometimes , but the truth will always win!

To help its customers Ulster Bank has cleverly open branches on Sunday. A very good attitude to resolve and bring clarity to a tense weekend.


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