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#Christmas gifts #ideas - is it too early

Each year, people are already thinking of Christmas. The traditional rush to purchase THAT gift! Is this not over the top? And what about something for everyone rather than a personal present? Are we becoming too selfish?
Dr Fever (|||+) @TheRealDrFever

Christmas gifts done for my boys and it's only August! Lol .. Pre-ordered PS4 and XBox One. ☑

17/08/2013 00:21:54 WIB
Deep Beauty Spa @DeepBeautySpa

Had a sneaky preview of this year Elemis Christmas gifts. As fabulous as ever and will be in stock in September.

16/08/2013 23:56:50 WIB
Surminga @Surminga

80s Retro iPhone Case, big boys toys, buy a gadget, buy a gizmo, christmas, cool gadgets, cool new gadgets, coolest gadgets, future...

17/08/2013 00:25:52 WIB
Deb f. Smyth @Debb171183

@MrJackO we were the same got toys for birthday and christmas and all we wanted to play with was the box or bubble wrap :-)

17/08/2013 00:22:44 WIB
Yessenia Joyner @YesseniaJoyner2

Whats the best website to buy your Christmas toys from?

16/08/2013 19:55:31 WIB

It is August and We are already thinking of Christmas.

Some High Street shops will soon (usually from September) have Christmas decorations and cards available.

Is this not too early?

With the importance of technology in our daily lives, it might be necessary to plan ahead and pay by installments to get the tablets or smartphones for our partners or kids.

But why should we ruin ourselves for such celebration?

Why are we so attracted by obsolete products which of course are good to connect and communicate. But 6 months down the line and a new model - better and faster - is then available.

Are we becoming slaves of our own gadgets?

Remember your own childhood when everything was more simple and traditional. What about a return of wooden or metal die-cast toys - where no batteries and hi-tech are needed?

It would be a great idea and it could change mentalities and attitudes as it would bring people together rather than putting a barrier (touchscreen) between them!


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