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@angryarabiya's Hunger Strike

A chronicle of Zainab Alkhawaja's hunger strike for the release of her family from captivity in Bahrain. If you see something important missing, please feel free to edit. Here is a recent interview with Zainab: http://www.democracynow.org/2011/4/12/i_am_willing_to_give_my Read More
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I will start a hunger strike to demand the release of my family starting 6pm #Bahrain time. Hoping my next meal will be with them.

11/04/2011 18:59:28 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

For my daughter's sake, for her future, for my father's life, for the life of my husband, to unite my family, I will begin my hunger strike

11/04/2011 19:09:17 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

My hunger strike has officially begun, I thank every1 who said they'll join me, is spreading the word or is praying for my ppl & my family.

11/04/2011 22:27:22 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

My wonderful husband & our daughter, he's so crazy abt her he celebrates her monthly "birthday" http://img534.imageshack.us/i/wafooy.jpg/

12/04/2011 04:29:10 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

@FKhan123 yes, until they release my dad, husband, uncle & brother in law

12/04/2011 04:33:24 WIB
Faisal Khan @FKhan123

@angryarabiya sister I am sunni and I am with the people in #Bahrain who want justice..may allah give you strength..and justice..

12/04/2011 04:39:24 WIB
Sam @SamLovesPorsche

@angryarabiya @FKhan123 So do you eat and drink after sunset. Or is it round the clock as its usually done.

12/04/2011 15:13:34 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

@sami_bahrain no, its round the clock. Some have said they'll fast, but I'm on continuous hunger strike

12/04/2011 15:20:35 WIB
Sam @SamLovesPorsche

@angryarabiya Is there anyone else on hungerstrike or are you alone, and others are only fasting. Conflicting tweets say 7 and 10 and more.

12/04/2011 15:29:52 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

People have been asking me if I am abstaining from food and fluids, or just food. I will be abstaining from everything except for water.

12/04/2011 15:48:12 WIB
Naila Cassidy @NailaWaked

@angryarabiya I really want your family out isA! Do you have someone with you to take care of you incase you need that for u & ur daughter?

12/04/2011 16:16:28 WIB
Naila Cassidy @NailaWaked

@angryarabiya hamdulilah I really want your family out. I'm going 2 spread this so that more ppl r aware isA ya rab this will have an impact

12/04/2011 16:23:48 WIB
Muath @Mu_ath

@angryarabiya No words can explain my pain , ur father is a great person and a real #freedom fighter . My heart with him u and & Family

12/04/2011 16:31:47 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

@M_AlMashari thank u brother Muath, inshalla our pain will eventually result in freedom for our people

12/04/2011 16:34:14 WIB
The boss! @librl_

@angryarabiya Have you heard from the authorities about your family? You are very brave!! Hope this ordeal ends soon.

12/04/2011 16:36:51 WIB
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