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My Chat with Adam Green

I gave Adam Green a piece of my mind. Adam Green attempted to return the favor, but turns out he didn't have any extra mind to spare.
Adam Green @AdamGreen

Hey @allanbrauer, show me progressives who encouraged voters not to vote last year. Obama's caving (despite Dem Congress) lowered turnout.

14/04/2011 06:49:41 WIB
Minna Hong @asiangrrlMN

@AdamGreenOnline @allanbrauer Really? Really? See! This is why I unsubscribed to Boldwhatever. #EdSchultz

14/04/2011 06:58:10 WIB
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer

.@AdamGreenOnline "Obama's caving (despite Dem Congress) lowered turnout." Show me emperical evidence to support that claim.

14/04/2011 06:58:54 WIB
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer

.@AdamGreenOnline Dem turnout was pretty typical for a midterm, but it turns out GOPers hate having a black president. #Obamasfault

14/04/2011 07:07:13 WIB
Danielle @mcmuffinofdoom

@AdamGreenOnline Ed Schultz suggested that the 99ers should withhold their votes in the midterm: cc: @allanbrauer

14/04/2011 09:53:41 WIB
Sabrina @Charmed86

@AdamGreenOnline @allanbrauer Ed Shultz said it on the air, you know that awesome tv machine you love to get on.

14/04/2011 09:57:01 WIB


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